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This week’s photo comes from Hanne Sieber’s collection, and you can find her blog here.

Thanks so much for your guest submission, Hanne. What a great photo!

This week’s Mystery Photo

Last Week’s Mystery Photo – seen below

MMp 17

The selfie was mine, but the iconic location it seems, was known to many people, and not just for its unusual structures, but also because of its significant history. I am standing at the shipyards in Gdansk,at a place where, in 1980, ordinary workers stood up to a powerful nation on earth; they defied the iron fist of the Soviet Union, destroying the Iron Curtain in Eastern Europe. It was here that people power formed a union called Solidarity, led by an electrician, named Lech Walesa. As a student of modern History, Walesa was a hero of mine, and although he did become President of the new independent Poland, he later retired from politics to a quieter life, and still lives in a house overlooking the shipyards, today. Here is a link to more of his story:


This was an incredibly exciting and difficult era in time. I was told of a Grandmother, who had worked and saved hard, for years upon years in order to buy a house, and when she had saved almost enough money, independence from the old Soviet order came to Poland. But with economic independence, came the financial shock that the only thing her savings could now buy, was one pair of shoes!! Soul destroying? Such was the price of freedom!

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