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Happy New Lucky Year

Last year, early in 2019, I decided I was going to have a lucky year.

It was a kind of experiment.

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I have never really believed very much in positive thinking. All that standing in front of a mirror and saying positive things to yourself, can’t necessarily make thing happen. If things are to happen, I believe you have to find a way to make them so. Or fate, itself, intervenes.

I was chatting to blogger Marlene, about fate and destiny, and she was telling me how her daughter just “decided” one day that henceforth, she would have good luck. Marlene told me how she was most surprised when it unfolded that thinking her way to good luck did actually work for her daughter.

Now I have to admit that I was sceptical that I could make good luck happen, by simply convincing myself and believing it could happen. But I was intrigued by Marlene’s testimony.

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Luck Through Positive Thinking

I decided to give this concept of deciding one could experience good luck by believing it, a test run for a month, and see what happened. Even though I knew it was an experiment, I was determined to believe, for the sake of the experiement, that luck was going to come my way. I was still pretty sceptical, thinking it was just a fun thing to do, and chances of it working were pretty slim. But I did try.

Surprisingly, several spells of good fortune came my way that month. Money back from very unexpected places and things began working out for the better. There were financial and logistical windfalls that caused me to report back to Marlene that the experiment actually did seem to be working.

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Yet I remained unconvinced that good fortune would continue. Nevertheless, I continued with the experiment, reporting back again to Marlene in our discussions via our blogs. My good luck continued for another two months. 12 months on, it seems that it has turned out to be a very fortunate year indeed.

Not only did I have a heap of lucky breaks during the construction of my new house build, there were various other instances too. Just one example is losing my wallet in a shopping centre, one day. For me, that is one of my worst nightmares. I thought there was almost no chance of finding it again as I had no idea where I had dropped it. But then I chided myself, saying under my breath that, of course, I would find it, for it was my “lucky year.”

Can you believe that I did find that wallet, under a rack of clothes in a clothes shop I had stepped into, for less than a minute, about 20 minutes before. When searching for it, I walked into the clothes shop and began asking the shop assistant if anyone had handed in a wallet in the past 30 minutes or so. She shook her head – “No, no, sorry,” she said.

I turned to leave and for some reason walked over the left of the store and looked down on the floor under the clothes racks. There I found the wallet lying on the ground, under some long dresses. The shop assistant had not even noticed it for what must have been 30 minutes or so. What are the chances, I thought? Everything inside was intact.


There were many other instances, both minor and major so that by the end of the year, even my husband, the M.o.t.h., (man of the house), was responding to a potential problem saying, “It will all be okay, it is our lucky year!” I had convinced an all – time negative sceptic, as well!

It may be visualization, pure coincidence, or the lofty belief that someone was watching over me, but it doesn’t really matter. To me, the experiment worked.

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So, I wonder what should I decide 2020 to be?

Have you ever had tried something similar?

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Happy New Year


Photography Challenge

Is your photographic ‘Self’ lamenting the demise of the Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge? Are you perhaps looking to share your creativity and photographic skills with other bloggers?” Itching to get snapping great shots again?

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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

Starting January 11th, Something to Ponder About will be hosting a new Weekly Photo Challenge, with photo and travel blogger, Snow, from the blog: The Snow Melts Somewhere.

The new Photo challenge is going to be about community and interacting with other bloggers, sharing everyday things from our world. You don’t need to be a pro to participate, either. Mobile, Point and shoot or SLR photography formats are all perfectly acceptable. Your blog doesn’t even have to be about photography, in order to participate.

Snow will kick off the challenge with the first prompt, on her blog, on Friday, January 11th, and then Something to Ponder About, a.k.a me, Amanda, will post a prompt on alternate Fridays, thereafter.

Why Fridays? Because we have decide to call the challenge: ‘Friendly Friday!’ Woo hoo!

How to Join the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge

  • We’ll come up with a suggested theme each Friday, and post a photo that we think fits. After that, you post photographs based on your own interpretation of the theme, and publish them in a new Blog post.
  • Write as little or as much, as you wish, to accompany your photos.
  • To make it easy for the host bloggers and others to find you, title your post “Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: (theme of the week)
  • Post a comment at the Host’s Friendly Friday blog post that includes the link to your Friendly Friday blog post,  the one that you published on your blog. [ N.B. please ensure it is a link to the actual post, not just a link to your blog itself.
All of you are invited to join in! So spread the word!

That’s it. I can’t wait to see what you all come up with! Let’s have some fun!


Amanda @ Something to Ponder About