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Scandinavian Festival 2013

Scandinavian festival“Newstead overrun with Vikings!”


But there was no raping nor pillaging this time and just as well:  10,000 + people were present in Austin Street. [The Scandinavian community is big here]

Now set to become an annual event, the second Scandinavian festival was in full swing on September 8th and all the Nordic clubs attended. It was wonderful to see not only the craft from the Icelandic community, but the Finnish club as well, (their donuts were to die for).

But the food did not end with Swedish meatballs and Danish pølse med remoulade ( Hot dogs with mustard sauce ). There was also icecream, pytt i panna (a kind of bubble and squeak), organic Breads and Danish pastries, as well as Norwegian waffles,Danish Christmas decorations, Norwegian handicrafts, (including my Rosemaling), stunning watercolours, from Norwegian artist Marianne Seldon, Vintage Danish furniture, historical group Saga Vikings displays and Ikea products.

Very very Scandinavian!

It was such a warm day, as days can be in this region, so one had to really use the imagination to believe you were in Scandinavia, but there were moments when many of us forgot the sub tropical conditions and reminisced about the homelands, or for others, discovered for the first time, the real delights of this ethnic region and its cultures.


Scandinavian festival

Just as well I was kept busy on the Norwegian craft group stall, else I would have gained several kilos in weight stuffing myself with good Nordic tucker! Pity I missed the smorgastørta, (it sold out early), and the entertainment: folk dancing, and the Scandi choir, but there is always next year. However, I managed to snavel some Copenhagen Ice- cream and Icelandic Kleiner (they are also Danish, but who wants to quibble) and not pressure the waistline too much! I should ponder about that.

History & Traditions, Painting

Proverbs from Olden times in Norway….

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Proverbs may be ” old fashioned” but there is always wisdom within their contents; they may even be considered portentous to some. The young may scoff, but these pearls of wisdom are observations that comes with age, and are a way of communicating a generalisation, in but a few succinct words.

I personally love them, and think they are really something we should ponder about more.  My hobby of traditional Norwegian painting incorporates sayings from, Norway, (of course). These sayings are often painted around the rim of drinking bowls or clothes trunks. Some of these bowls or trunks, were then presented to a bridal couple on the occasional of their marriage. Such traditions are delightful, but sadly absent in my part of the world hence part of my admiration.

I will share some favourite proverbs and their translations with you…

Norwegian Proverbs (norske ordtak)

Alderen kjem ikkje aleine; han fører så mye med seg. Age comes not alone; it brings so much with it.

Bak skyene er himmelen alltid blå. Behind the clouds the sky is always blue.

Borte bra, hjemme beste. To be away is well and good, but home is best ( where the heart is)

Bedre bør du bær “kje i bakken enn mannavit mykje. You can’t carry a better load up a hill than much knowledge.

Ingen kan hjelp den som ikke vil hjelpe seg sjøl. Noone can help someone who will not help him/herself

Gode ord skal du hogge i berg, de dårligere i snø. Carve your good words in stone, the bad in snow.