Poetry Challenge – October Prompt

This is the final of the A and I Poetry challenge,  I co-hosted with Ineke from IScrap2.

The October Prompt was

~ Write a poem to, or about, your future self.

How might you see yourself, or your life, in ten years time.


I am a bit stuck with the rhyming format. Anyway, here is my contribution:

Hey You!

You always doubt yourself; to self, you aren’t that kind,
so do you heed that lesson any better, in ten years time?

Your head is filled with Scandi dreams, of cool and wintry climes,
Whilst living out your life, in heat, with family’s loved pastimes.
Children: oh they have aged so fast, it’s now harder to keep up,
Do you care for any grandchildren, or only Schnauzer pups?

Is there work, or books, that fill your days, so happily evermore?
Surely there’s those countless walks, along the sandy beach foreshore?
Life’s curves can twist, and you might land so soft, or brutally hard,
Changes in health might come so fast, your mind must be on guard.
I hope the body is still supple, and your mind sharp enough,
To contribute to community, a blog, a conversation, and silly stuff.

Ageing is not a pleasant thing, it kinder creeps up on you,
A seventh decade life stage, then retiring from plainview.
As constant as the sun greets each morning, in the east,
Your pursuit of happiness and fun will continue till you cease.


Amanda This is me 8 years ago…. amanda

and now


and I hope this still will be me in ten years time….









A and I Poetry Challenge. 


A and I Poetry Challenge

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Soender Felding, Denmark

Poetry Challenge – OctPoWriMo

The following poem is the one I have always liked and I wrote it so quickly – it must be that writing from the heart, makes a difference.

I am submitting it for the October poetry month challenge. A little late but I have been occupied with hosting my own poetry challenge, which ends this month, well, last month, now that today is officially November.

You can check out another of my poems here/2018/11/01/poetry-challenge-october-prompt-2/

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‘Still in my Heart’

Home Sweet Home afar from me,
At least 10 hours over sky and sea,

A fairy tale land of red and white,
of rain, and wind, and winter nights.

Yet still you send my heart a flutter,
And here, I can but get your butter,

Cos’ when I’m sad and feeling down,
You can lift my spirits like a children’s clown.

What is this strange longing and connection,
I feel for such warm and fuzzy introspection?

Of land and family long dead and passed,
Would they think me to be completely daft?

Yet I am of them, and they are of me,
This continual spreading of the family tree.

The branches are like the ancient Birch
Resilient, pervasive til one drops off the Perch.

If only I could stay or perhaps visit more often,
But my responsibilities and circumstances rarely soften.

So I must dream and wish and be ever so frugal,
And if I can’t afford to travel there, there is always Google!

~ The Sunshine Elves

Andrea Heiberg
Poetry Dedication:

In memory and thanks for a great friend, Andrea Heiberg.

You are watching now from another place, I place I cannot yet go.

Just what are you thinking, I do wonder.