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Friendly Friday – Meet Olav in Norway

Back in 2004, I jumped on a subway train in Norway. It was my first time visiting the country that was to steal my heart. I had little knowledge of where I was going that day, or what would happen, other than I was headed for a ski jump outside of Oslo, which had panoramic… Continue reading Friendly Friday – Meet Olav in Norway

Book review

Jo Nesbø – The Devil’s star

BOOK REVIEW: The Devil's star  by the Wonderful JO NESBO - Harry HOLE ( hoola) series There is a serial killer on the loose in Oslo, but the murders are not sexually motivated. Harry Hole is the only detective with serial killer expertise in the Norwegian police force,  having brought down a killer in Sydney,in… Continue reading Jo Nesbø – The Devil’s star


Proverbial Thursday – Wise words from days past

Proverbs provide us with wise words hitherto uttered  by generally anonymous people, but succinctly and at times eloquently uttered. The first saying is attributed to Norwegian Gustav Vigeland has written on an undated drawing that "He who is once bitten by love's snake, never heal" and there are several sculptures in the Vigeland Sculpture park… Continue reading Proverbial Thursday – Wise words from days past