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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Blue

Through photography, I hope to highlight the colour that signifies that feeling of loneliness, depression or anxiety and I hope everyone feels that they can ask their friend, neighbour or colleague, " How have you been?" "Everything going okay?" Join in on Friendly Friday and start a conversation.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Leaves

Leaves - Photographers, both amateur or professional, alike, are fascinated with them. Botanists like examining them. Gardeners like growing them And travellers relaxing under them. The theme for this week's Friendly Friday Photo Challenge is: - Leaves Join the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge Post a comment below and include a 'Friendly Friday' ping-back in your… Continue reading Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Leaves


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge -Coral ish colours

It was just too tempting not to join in again this week with Friendly Friday, given this stunning example of coral ish colour just outside my door. Join in with Snow this week. At the above link Next week Something to Ponder About will host Friendly Friday with a new prompt.


Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: The Streets

Sally's weekly phoneography challenge is here and I particularly liked her quote to add to my photographic meanderings in November:

Joyously or not the photograph becomes the source of reality, but it can also become a dreamlike force for interpretation. So if photography is memory, then the image is the moment–a moment of sanctuary in a lifetime of them.