Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Challenger’s Choice Brisbane Night on the Street



Mobile photography has really taken off into the stratosphere. Amateur photographers now rely on the phone camera to take all their photos, and  “fix” the more obvious photographic mistakes, making  a more professional -looking end product. The phone is portable and lightweight and always readily accessible.  Sadly, my expensive DSLR sits forlorn on the shelves – a victim of lack of portability and versatility, relegated such as it is, to occasional outings to scenic destinations. A bit like an old relative one visits every few months, more out of duty than desire. I do wonder where/how this will evolve in a decade or so.


The image was taken with Galaxy S4 note – framed, tuned and sharpened in Picasa (desktop). I was in two minds whether the image should be warmed slightly, but decided I like the colder grey tones of the bridge and pavement.

What do you think?

If you’d like to join in with Sally D’s Mobile Challenge, please click here for details.

The schedule changes each week and is as follows:

1st Monday: Nature.

2nd Monday: Macro.

3rd Monday: Black and White.

4th Monday Challenger’s Choice (Pick One: Abstraction, Animals, Architecture, Food Photography, Night Photography, Objects, Portraiture, Still Life, Street Photography, and Travel).

5th Monday: Editing and Processing with Various Apps Using Themes from the Fourth Week.

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Phoneography Challenge – Editing and Processing


Lens and Pens Phoneography inspires me every week to look at a photograph differently and to see more possibilities. Especially when it is Week 5 – Editing and Processing

Camera apps are lots of fun (and a little bit addictive). I enjoy creating some visual art from a humble photograph. Have you tried using camera apps? If so, which are your favourite ones to use?

In the first photograph, a highly saturated version of the original, I like that you can’t see the details of the figure in the foreground. It is still a bit intriguing, a bit of a mystery. This allows one’s mind to create a story, whilst the second photograph is all out there, blinding in its intensity. To me, this expresses how I feel in the bright, summer light of midsummer, in Australia. It is blinding hot and extremely bright. Just like the feeling I get when I look at this photograph.

Something visual to ponder about

camera apps


Phoneography Challenge – Challenger’s Choice (Abstraction – Poinciana)


PicsArt_1427161769627 (Small)Poinciana Abstraction – Through the Nexus 4 HDR editing tool, then Picsart (app)

Enhancement of the colour gradient tool and Holga effect.

Challengers Choice – Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge – check out more here

The pastels I used in this effect, deliberately distracted me from the familiar, bright orange of the Poinciana in full bloom. Rather, my head was filled with other associations when viewing this photograph. The delicate blue made me visualise a mirror with heavy scalloped edging reminiscent of 1940/50’s decor!

How about you?

I would be interested in hearing if the image prompted different feelings for you?

Something for you to ponder about.


Phoneography Challenge – Challenger’s Choice [Street Photography]

It is Week 4 so we’re invited us to post images from a selection of topics using our mobile phone. In my case, it is the Nexus 4

Lens and Pens is where you can post your own link for this topic

Street Phneography
Street Phoneography

This street entertainer claimed he stood like this for up to seven hours. I think he had a seat in the pants!!!street performerThe kids were particularly interested in how this performer managed his tricks.

 Street Performers’ Secrets  are Something to Ponder About

Australia, Community

Shadow Shot Sunday 2 – Brighton Estuary

Shadow Shot Sunday 2

IMAG1141A small recreational area next to an estuary that looks more like Lord of the Rings than something in the littoral zone of south-east Queensland! I might just see Gollom somewhere nearby…

Something to Ponder About

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Rule of Thirds

I try to keep in mind the Rule of thirds when taking photographs, but it doesn’t always work. My old point and shoot Cannon used to have a grid overlay that I could see in the display, assisting me to frame and compose photographs.

The weekly photo challenge asks us to use a SLR or smartphone to produce a Bokeh effect, which is my assignment this week. This is what I have so far, and I’ll hopefully add one or two more in coming days…..





Lighthouse Airey's inlet


Skarrild, Denmark
Skarrild, Denmark

Rule of Thirds

 Something to Ponder About


Versatile Blogger Award

versatile blogger3Many, many thanks to Millie Thom over at Bringing History to Life for nominating me for the Versatile blogger award back in January, when I was off gallivanting around the southern capitals.

Whilst I am very honoured by her attributing the award to me, I will fulfill some of the conditions of award in disclosing seven facts about myself, and nominate several blogs I feel are definitely worth a visit.

However, having said that, I recognize that everyone is time poor and whilst grateful to Millie and others  for award nomination, I hold no expectations nor requests to fulfill the award conditions of the nominees I list. In fact, some of those in my blogging community, intensely dislike the whole award thingy!!!  So, for that reason, I am not including the hyperlink on the list of names.

Should you think my opinion is of value and are interested enough to want to hop over and check out their blog, there is several keyboard shortcuts that will help you. You know the ones….(Think Control c and Control V) of the url….

Wanting also to be a bit creative in announcing this award, I have created a new logo for it. Feel free to copy and paste this if you so wish, or save to your desktop. You may use this  without fear of infringing copyright.

Versatiler blogger2

versatile blogger1

In accordance with the award –

 Seven Facts about Myself are:

  1. Sometimes I feel addicted to my blog and writing.
  2. I would choose to live in Scandinavia given the chance.

  3. I love highly saturated colour in art

  4. I had seven different jobs before I turned 21, and found the perfect job when I was just shy of fifty.

  5. I discovered I was related to my best friend (who was born in another country), via a cousin’s marriage some thirty five years after we first met

  6. My favourite colour is Prussian Blue

  7. My biggest regret is not travelling overland from Kathmandu to London when I was 19


versatile blogger3

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Serenity – Weekly Photo Challenge


Waves at rest now on the sandy shore,

A mountain stream babbling ‘neath a cool glade,

Sun releasing a final, firey blast before sleep,

Raindrops forming crystals on a fluorescent leaf,

Comfort, quiet, a place where stress disappears

That is Serenity





serenity photo challengeJoin in with the Daily Post Weekly Photography Challenge




Something to Ponder about


One four Challenge – Week 2 January


This week I played around with the saturation, contrast and brightness finally adding a HDR and frame effect in PicsArt. Thanks to Carrie’s advice I  downloaded ‘gimp’ but as yet still just trying to fathom my way through the incredible depth of tools available.

I’d very much appreciate your thoughts or feedback on this week. I feel the saturation in the water is way too much, so compensating for the soft effect of wordpress was way over the top this week? Well, that is a project for next week!!

Week ONE of the January challenge is HERE

Join in with Robyn and the rest of the talented crew for Week 2 for January- here.

Some photo effects to ponder and play with.


One Four Challenge – Dec wk 4 – Polls

Final Week of the One Four Challenge for December – I invite you to vote for your preferred choice below.




Week 1

Week 1 graduated Tint and monochrome



Week 2

Lomo filter
Week 2 Lomo filter

Week 3

contrast gradtintcropped18dec
Week 3  (a) Contrast adjusted graduated tint and re-cropped and sharpened


Week 3 Photo (b) Additional colour inversion and frame, just for fun!



Week 4

Week 4

Trying to gain a new perspective of the object in week 4 and with my limited effects on the desktop PC Photo editor this was the result.

Join in and see more entries on Robyn’s blog

I’d very much appreciate your thoughts or feedback.

Something to Ponder About


Photo Challenge – YELLOW

It is easy to find lots of Yellow around you when you look hard enough.

Such a happy colour –


More yellow flowers… Banksia… my favourite

Banksia Flower

Riverfire festival: Support the duck???

Family 2014 017-001

Yellow houses….

in New Zealand

To Akaroa.... a hidden diamond

and  in Denmark


Bees like yellow too……


I used the picsart app to embellish the final photo

PicsArt camera appJoin in with the Daily Post’s Yellow – Photography Challenge  and find some yellow in your environment.

Something to Ponder About


One Four Photo Challenge – December Week 3

I loved the colours in the driftwood in the original photograph, shown in the previous One four Challenge post,  but really wanted to see where the effects could take this with my desktop photo editor.

One Four Challenge – Dec

This week I tried to alter this picture a little more. I cropped out the large black mass at the base of the photo and straightened it a little, then adjusted the contrasts and added a graduated tint to the top.


contrast gradtintcropped18dec

But it wasn’t that much different from last week, so I added an effect  and a frame for fun!


Quite dramatic I think! A ghostly effect, although I seemed to have created another dark mass at the base. Perhaps that is a task to adjust for next week?

A photography challenge to Ponder About