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Spotlight on Traffic Lights – Traditional Art – July

This month the ‘ Traditional Art’ feature depicts a contemporary phenomenon that has quickly turned to an established tradition in modern, suburban Australia:

Decorated Traffic Signal Control Boxes

A boring, metal-grey ‘signal box’ that controls the traffic lights is just that – boring and sterile. Add a little imagination and a group of unemployed art students and a phenomenon  of community art is born.

traffic (2)

Traffic light(3)

What is more, tenders for this community art project are called annually, by the municipal council authority. This has evolved to become a fantastic way for struggling artists to earn extra income, or, alternatively, for the councils to engage enthusiastic volunteers in the community.


The variety of designs and local artistic ‘input’ is admirable.  A brightly coloured signal box, of course, is better visually and aesthetically, than the cold, grey metal box. One could even develop a collection of  photos documenting each box  to form a themed picture story of one’s travels!

traffic light control boxes

It might be a little distracting to drivers, when waiting for the traffic lights to change at an intersection, however, it chases away the boredom and keeps one from the temptation of checking the mobile phone!

Some  traffic box murals even tell a story pertinent to the street/area.

traffic (3)

Rosemaling traditional art

Traditional Art Forms – the diversity of themes of the new traditions is –

Something to Ponder About.


Black and White Sunday – Cape Gooseberry

Cape gooseberry

First fruit from my garden. It reminds me of being a child and playing in my Grandmother’s garden, where Gooseberry like this grew wild. The paper cases are a delight to pull apart and inside you will find a delicious berry.

Taken and adjusted slightly with Moldiv and the Nexus 4 Phone camera for Paula at Black and White Sunday


Something to Ponder About


Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Photo Challenge – Black and White (Dalen)

The Nexus 4 is still pumping out some good quality photos – this one is just sharpened a little and converted to Monochrome: via Picasa.

I chose this photo due to  the contrast in the timber supports and posts and the trees, as well as the shadows on the verandah.

black and whitenov18 phone
Daily Dalen – Norway

She is definitely pondering something

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Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Photo Challenge: Challenger’s choice- Street Photography

It’s Challenger’s Choice, this week,  from Sally at Lens and Pens and I chose Street Photography. To keep with Sally’s featured topic of architectural lines, I have chosen this photo, taken in Trondheim, Norway with my Nexus 4.

C360_2014-06-12-20-40-01-949I really like the contrast of the new glass roof of this renovated hotel, with the old walls of the original bakery from 1897, complete with iron fire escape rungs and the reflection within the windows.

You can find the Clarion Collection Bakkeriet, in Trondheim Norway,  famous for its wooden bridge, pictured below.  The Nexus 4 also performed reasonably well in the low light selfie, taken in the streets of Trondheim, at 11pm at night, posted below.

mmp16th June

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