A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges

gargoyle gate bridge
The Entrance to a Machievellian House, perhaps? Gargoyles adorn the Bridge posts.

It has been a while since I posted a photography post, but I have been chatting to another blogger about hosting a photography challenge recently, so thought I would get back to the swing of posting photography. I will soon be leaving for Japan, so I will sneak in this post.


Well, the blogger did ask.

Bridges are a popular motif.

A connection between two worlds.

A fascinating angle for photographers.

I tried to find some different photos in my collection for this challenge.

Mt Cook Merino sheep
A Bridge of Sheep – how often do you see that? 

I like the angle where it looks like the Merlion is hosing the folks on the bridge, and indeed on a humid Singapore day, that spray of cool water is indeed refreshing!

No need to tell you where this is

A rather abstract edited version, which seems to exude atmosphere.

Walking the underworld of bridges

“A Bridge Too Far” – site of World War II battle over the Rhine and movie with Robert Redford.

John Frost Bridge, Arnhem, The Netherlands

A different type of natural bridge, except the arching rock pathway that led to this natural feature in Australia, completely fell down and left several Japanese tourists stranded on the rock for several hours,  or at least  until the helicopter came and airlifted them to safety.

London Bridge – true to its namesake, it fell down a few years back 

Read more about the stranded tourists here

Find instructions at Nancy merrill photography, if you would like to join.

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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Work of Art

Norwegian Rosemaling

I am a Rosemaler? This is my Rosemaling, through a Photo editing Camera app. I am planning on adding a border with an appropriate proverb.

Rosemaling is the traditional art of Norway, and today is Norway’s bi centenary: 200 years an independent nation today.

Gratulerer med dagen, Norway.

How about that? Australia is older than Norway! Australia had its bi-centenary in 1988.

Something to Ponder About.

Hurra for Norge... Syttende Mai in the antipodes...17th May parade and feast


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Daily Post Photo Challenge – Spring

Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Spring

Nothing is more evocative of Spring than a pretty display of flowers.



Springtime for me means more afternoons spent on the beach with the dog and having a late Sunday afternoon meal of Fish n chips as the sun goes down and the lights go up. Something to Ponder About as we head into winter, in this hemisphere.

Sandgate foreshore

Australia, History & Traditions

The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Letters

Letters, especially hand-written ones, are fast becoming an historic phenomenon. The excitement that comes with receiving a letter correlates to the amount of time waiting for it. And if it is a handwritten letter, it is almost as if that person is spending some time with us, as we hear their voice in our head when we read their words, with their own personal inflections and mannerisms.

Letters in all forms are wonderful. I used to be an avid writer, as was my family, and have many copies of my old letters from penfriends.

I have dug through my photo library to find some unusual examples:

balloon post
Unusual: A letter from Hungary and a souvenir postcard from New Zealand


Unusual text and sayings: Postcards from over 100 years ago belonging to my grandmother
Vintage postcards

The postcard on the right says: Folkestone Markets. I don’t even know where Folkestone is, but I am thinking it is in the UK????

But the best of all is this one:

antique postcards
Antique postcards

and this from grandfather to my grandmother over 100 years ago. Who says Victorian/Georgian times were prudish?

In Norway, they were leaving letters, of another sort, on furniture:


and in Australia: the ‘larrikin’ sense of humour lives on in these unusual letter boxes:

Thunderbirds are go!!!



Horse mailbox
Quirky Horsemen living here?



Must be some Norwegian Australians living here :P
Must be some Norwegian Australians 😛


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The Bee Gees Memorial

Not many people outside Australia know that the members of the famous pop music group of the sixties, “The Bee Gees” actually grew up in Redcliffe, Australia. The Bee Gees rose to world popularity, fame and fortune over the next two decade with iconic songs and their trademark falsettos. And so, the township of Redcliffe has finally honoured the legendary boys: fifty years later. Only Barry Gibb, the only surviving brother was there to unveil this monument and re-visit the small city to the North of Brisbane.

Redcliffe, once the place where you: had to live, didn’t choose to live, is now coming of age and  “staying alive.” Here is the Sunday market.

Redcliffe Esplanade
Redcliffe Esplanade

and the pier:

redcliffebridge (1)

Barrie is no doubt trying to “stay alive” but even when he passes, the music will not.

Something to ponder about.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

Always worthy of seeing again: Te Mata Peak, a threshold here for Hang Gliders, not for the author of this blog to cross.

As I stood here, taking this photography, I pondered about the many people who had crossed the wide expanse of the world’s ocean to settle this land. They must have had a different type of threshold to cross.


Te Mata Peak New Zealand
Te Mata Peak New Zealand

Truly something to ponder about, but not for me to do!!


And  a few more thresholds of a different kind:tiff fish



Rothenburg wall





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A Word A Week Photo Challenge – Atmospheric

There is nothing quite like a beautiful garden to make you feel the peace and serenity – nature’s atmosphere. And the Danish forests are certainly full of atmosphere. Just look at this one:

Skarildhus Denmark

and another I previously posted in a different season

Once a week A Word in Your Ear  dips into the Oxford dictionary and picks a word on the page it falls open at.  The challenge given to us, is to post a photograph, poem, story – whatever the genre you like best to describe of what that word means to you.

Somewhere to ponder about


Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

     Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life

Frankfurt sausages


Oblivious Pedestrian

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Some other Street Life to Ponder about:


Daily Post – Reflection

Daily Post - Reflection

SEEING DOUBLE? Not at all. Just a perfect day in ST. MORITZ

Something to Ponder about when gazing in the Reflection?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Inside

Daily Post is looking for interpretations of “Inside”  –  I found this in 2 different photographs: Art created by Man:


reindeer art

The reindeer is encased INSIDE glass balls, an art installation at GOMA

caught inside!

and   “Natural”

Canterbury Bells

A delicate yellow stamen in the indigo flower that is called Canterbury Bell. I marvel at nature’s colour palette.

More at Daily Post

Something to Ponder about.

Australia, Community, Environment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

Port Fairy

Abandoned: The very word conjures up feelings of desolation, despair and a sense of giving up.

Port fairy Abandone barn

In rural Australia, there are many signs of abandonment, and this is but one. Oftentimes, the relic of a house or barn, is a tin roof, or sometimes a brick chimney and no roof. For me, these abandoned buildings whisper sad tales of their own. This bluestone barn is a little different and withstood the raging winds coming off the brutal southern ocean with its ‘roaring forties.’



One can also sense abandonment in the Icelandic countryside where many generations lived through grinding poverty, battling the bleak Arctic winter on many farms, that are now abandoned leaving houses and entire villages filled only with memories and ghosts.



An abandoned farm house on the Icelandic ring road, supposedly, the most haunted place in Iceland.

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Some moments of history to ponder about.

The Daily Post has fun weekly photo challenges here.

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