A Famous Evening Walk – Coolangatta

On the border of the Australian East Coast states of New South Wales and Queensland, at the end of the tourist drenched Gold Coast, there's a small version of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, only with famous Australians. You can find this unique attraction if you are walking, as I did, along thethe beautiful beaches… Continue reading A Famous Evening Walk – Coolangatta


Monday walk -Boreen Point Foreshore

It has been some time since I have been walking with Jo and I am delighted to be able to join in again! Yesterday, despite the oppressive humidity and the summer heat, we visited Boreen Point, situated on the shores of the largest lake in the super hip Noosa Region of Queensland, the Sunshine State… Continue reading Monday walk -Boreen Point Foreshore

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Anzac Day in Australia

 Anzac day is a celebration of the commitment and sacrifice of the young men and women who served in battles, under the Australian and New Zealand flag, in years past.  As it is a declared public holiday, most of us spend our time making Anzac biscuits, throwing 'snags' on the 'Barbie,' or even attending a… Continue reading Anzac Day in Australia


Making Cheese with Mad Millie

Being a bit of an old Hippie at heart, in the sense that I like home-made foods, I thought I would try to make my own cheese. But I wasn't prepared to go it alone, so I enlisted the help of Mad Millie, a cheese making kit. Today I tried making Italian cheese - "Mozzarella." Here is how it went:

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Scandinavian midsommar in Australia

How can a Scandinavian midsommar be held in the depths of winter, yet the temperature and weather conditions be the same? The answer is when it is held Down Under' in Australia! The ethnic clubs of Scandinavia are active and popular with those Scandi expats living or working in Australia.