2019 – How Does it Look So Far?

I am not really someone who makes New Year resolutions as I prefer a little more structure around the aims and goals, however a little planning in February, can’t go astray, can it?

Boreen point lakeside beach

I found this little memo on the net and thought it was a prompt to think about general and personal goal setting for the year ahead. Even though we are two months in, I still feel  that I am just getting started with 2019.

Here are the ‘resolutions’ and my answers.

A bad habit that I am going to break – reduce or stop overreacting to personal bad news with knee-jerk judgements.

A new skill I would like to learn – I love languages and learning to speak a little Polish and Old German will help me in reading historical records, as well as be welcome stimulation of the linguistic neurons in my grey matter!

A good deed that I am going to do – assisting the Smith family and helping to re-distribute food via Qantas volunteer program. I like to support community projects and endeavours.

A book that I would like to read – I would love to reduce some of the books currently on my TBR shelf – one that comes to mind is Anna Funder’s, ‘All that I Am.’

A new food that I want to try – I’d be willing to try anything fermented or pickled – the probiotics contained within are so good for you.

A place that I would like to visit –  I would like to say something remote like the Faroe Islands, but as I am busy at home this year, there will be no long holidays, unless I count a potential, but not scheduled visit, to the Mornington peninsula, in Victoria or getting involved in research at the Genealogical Society headquarters.

I am going to be better at being – non-judgmental and maintaining calm ….. ohm……

Are you someone who sets goals or makes resolutions?

Do you reassess them regularly? Are they a useful prompt, or temporary navel-gazing?

Join in with the Seven resolutions and tag me in so I can read up on your inspiration for 2019.