New Zealand – Wandering around Whitby

What is there to do in Whitby?

Following on from my last post about New Zealand, and the three divisions of Whitby, which you can find here, it was quite apparent this stronghold of middle income suburbia was not without other attractions, mostly for me, it was found in the natural beauty of the area.

trees Coniferous trees relish the temperate climate  and I thinking hobbits and Frodo, when I walked along the tunnel of trees this morning.

 letter box

The cool climate trees were a delight, as were the range of boutique letter box designs, I found to be a recurring theme.

letter boxI want one of these letter boxes!

letter boxThe ubiquitous Tui birds were relishing the blossoms, hunting for some food. This species is not threatened and is found predominantly in the North Island of New Zealand.

TuiWiki tells us: The Tui (Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae) is an endemic passerine bird of New Zealand. It is one of the largest members of the diverse honeyeater family. The name tui is from the Maori language name tūī and is the species’ formal common name. The plural is tuis, or tui following Māori usage. The early European colonists called it the Parson Bird[2] but, as with many New Zealand birds, the Maori name tui is now the common name and the English-language term is archaic.[

Tui  [Source: Wikipedia]

Apart from nature walks and bird spotting, what else can you do in Whitby?


After a day or so settling in and shopping, Miss H and the young ‘uns were getting that glazed look in their eyes that said,” I’m soo bored” as teens do so well, thus, a trip to Adrenalin Forest, Porirua, (next door to Whitby), was called for, and quickly!!!

Adrenalin forest is an aerial obstacle course consisting of flying fox, high ropes, climbing ropes through barrels, nets and steps, which makes for a fun and energetic few hours.The kids are harnessed in and the harnesses have two dual carbiner locks, so it is impossible for participants to remove both clamps from the harness at the one time, making it perfectly safe for even the most reckless individual. Furthermore, the attendants give full instructions and a good dose of practice on ground level to all, prior to starting the course.

  Adrenalin Forest

I venture to say it is a kids only activity, as I did not see any adults participating in the course. Wonder why? They were all down on terra firma, shouting encouraging thoughts to their loved ones, hanging by the harness up to 60 feet above them in the tree tops.

The course becomes incrementally more difficult, and Miss 11 piked out at Level 3, and had to be ‘rescued’ – which meant that an attendant had to climb a ladder and disengage you from the course. Miss 13 and 16 kept going till Level 4, but were exhausted afterwards. A real endurance activity for some.ImageAdrenalin forest is loads of fun if you are ever in Wellington, or Whitby surrounds. Kids have exercise, fun, learn new skills, conquer their fears and the bonus is they are sun safe (in the shade) and cannot check mobile phone/ipads whilst they are up there!! I noted there was limited seating, (and nowhere to purchase refreshments) for adults who are watching, and I suspect most of them could use a neck brace afterwards………….Makes me wish I was 13 again.

Something to ponder about.