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How to Design your Own Artwork – Space

Week 3 of the Design Challenge examines Space as an element in drawing your own piece of art. Continue reading

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Rosemaling and Art Coloring in Designs

Colouring in can be very relaxing and a way to engage with art in a non-threatening way. Particularly for those who might think they aren’t artistic. My Rosemaling colouring in designs allow you to familiarise yourself with the forms and begin to understand this art. Build your confidence in drawing with this lovely Norwegian folk art. Continue reading

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How to Design your own Artwork – Week #1 Design Challenge

There are a variety of elements used in every artistic design or piece. Principles applied to the elements bring them together in an eye-pleasing cohesive unit. Knowing this can make the difference between being able to produce an attractive or disjointed piece. A design challenge can improve your skill level, inspire you to extend yourself, and give you confidence in your designing skills. My focus is on traditional art but this challenge could apply to any artistic pursuit. Continue reading

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Why Make it Yourself? Travel theme – Handmade

When it comes to darning socks, almost no-one does it anymore. Cheap items and time poor couples with high disposable income, have relegated simple repairs to low priced essentials, to the pages of history books.

Shouldn’t we be overjoyed that we are freed from the yoke of menial tasks? Continue reading

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Photo Challenge – Vivid


Street photography makes vivid the boring neighbourhood scene Continue reading

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Good Design Balance – A matter of Maths?

The Elements of Design Rhythm and Repetition. Rhythm is the repetition of design elements at regular intervals. This helps to give a composition visual harmony by creating unity in a layout.Examples include the repetition of similar shapes, colors or textures. … Continue reading

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What’s on the Wall-y? Daily Prompt – Wall to Wall

I’m a pretty private kind of person so for me to share my wall is special, but oh, gosh it has to be done in the name of Rosemaling…. Which is? ….. (you might ask)… The traditional folk art of … Continue reading

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Tutorial – Simple Telemark Rosemaling with Bird

Telemark Rosemaling is the most beautiful of Rosemaling  designs or Norwegian style of folk art, of all. It is dynamic and appears to move. One  motif less commonly seen in Telemark style is Birds. Traditionally birds when used as a … Continue reading

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Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge – Work of Art

I am a Rosemaler? This is my Rosemaling, through a Photo editing Camera app. I am planning on adding a border with an appropriate proverb. Rosemaling is the traditional art of Norway, and today is Norway’s bi centenary: 200 years … Continue reading

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Traditional Norwegian Painting – Rosemaling Rules and Telemark Technique

Originally posted on Something to Ponder About:
Rosemaling – the traditional painting of Norway! Ah, the joy of painting. So little time and so many pieces of wood to paint…. the folk artist’s lament! Determined to get something painted this…

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Tutorial on painting freehand Telemark Rosemaling for Scandinavian festival

Originally posted on Something to Ponder About:
This weekend marks the 140th anniversary of a Scandinavian Association or club in this state. To mark the occasion, there is a street festival tomorrow and I have been given charge of a…

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Weekend project – Rosemaling

A Telemark Rosemaling project in acrylics, I started years back, as evidenced by the badly formed C scroll, was completed yesterday. Apart from the C scroll it was reasonable pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing to the soul, to remove one more piece from the “To Do” list. Continue reading

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Proverbs from Olden times in Norway….

Proverbs may be ” old fashioned” but there is always wisdom within their contents, they may even be considered portentous to some. The young may scoff, but these perls of wisdom are such that comes with age, and a way of communicating a generalisation in but a few succinct words. Continue reading

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Tutorial on painting freehand Telemark Rosemaling

Ever heard of Norwegian Rosemaling? This beautiful art form comes from Norway and has its roots in religious art forms dating back to the Renaissance. Free-flowing and dynamic, the Rosemaling from Telemark is regarded as the most beautiful. Here is a simply guide to painting your first Rosemaling project in acrylics. Continue reading

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