Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge – Black and White

A beach wreck with some inclement weather was my favourite photographic subject this weekend. I am experimenting with a new S4 galaxy note phone camera.  This is a black and white version of a photo using the S4.

Sally’s challenge rotates through weekly themes each month and here is my entry for this week:

phoneography bw june

Please join in with your best monochrome phone photo this week.  Something monochromatic to ponder about.



Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White – Trondheim, florals and the sea

A Photography challenge by a new name, but the same fantastic photography challenge, nonetheless. At the same time as Sally’s new title for her ‘phoneography’ challenge, is launched, I have a new smartphone, with much improved photo capabilities, yet to be worked out so, the aging Nexus 4 is the tool behind these:

The Clayton’s Selfie – the act of taking a selfie while desperately trying not to look like a selfie


and this:

Edited in Picasacliff boy-001

Also edited in Picasa: IMG_20141023_070543-001

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Other excellent Monochromatic entries for this week:

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