Too Much Screen Time?

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I stumbled upon the Page info on my dashboard this morning. Under Privacy and History, it tells you amongst other things – how many times you hvae visited the dashboard page of WordPress.

Note – this computer was re-installed/upgraded about six months ago, so this is just a spit in the ocean of how many times I have loaded my WordPress dashboard page, on my desktop. NB. This doesn’t include mobile phone viewing and reading of other blogs.

Is this too much? [me: attempting to divide 7,513 by seven and then by 30 days, in my head].

So I ask you, brains trust of the blogging world, the question:

What is the reasonable limit of time of screen time, we should spend blogging? Is this one for the average amatuer blogger? * NB. this is in a Pre and post Corona environment.

How much time do you spend checking your blog and writing posts each day/week?

Are stats/page views important to you?

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