A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges

The Entrance to a Machievellian House, perhaps? Gargoyles adorn the Bridge posts. It has been a while since I posted a photography post, but I have been chatting to another blogger about hosting a photography challenge recently, so thought I would get back to the swing of posting photography. I will soon be leaving for… Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Bridges


Part 2 Euro Scandi Odyssey – Singapore in a Day

Seven highlights of (Middle Earth) Singapore in a Day - Travel Diary
We survived the 7.5 hour flight from Down Under to Singapore, managed to adjust our mobile phone so we could call to friends in Singapore, and home, find an ATM and catch a cab to Orchard Road, our destination for the night.....
As I was staying such a short time, I was prepared to pay with the credit card for most purchases, and just had cash for small items like drinks etc. Of course, I was ushered into the first available cab in the queue, a not too glamorous, old Toyota Cressida ( are these even allowed on the road here?) to find that teh driver DID NOT accept credit card.
Singapore is a cashless society, I have been told!!! Not completely, it seems. So, it was a matter of either retrieving all our bags now safely stowed by the taxi driver in the boot of the cab, and find another cab, or continue on, giving him the little cash I had. I chose the less embarrassing option! But at least I had the good sense to negotiate the fare! And after that, the cab driver drove at the speed of light to our destination. I wondered why we were passing almost every other car on the road!!! Presumably to keep within the dollar figure he had quoted me
Arriving at our destination, our firend's condo on Orchard Road, I was told to look at for the "snowman" and tell the gatekeeper who I was visiting. Simple enough, but was a snowman doing in the equatorial humidity of Singapore? Christmas decorations harken back to colonial times, perhaps? Yes that was it, alright.