Can Attitudes Towards Guns be Changed?

She told me I was, "as high as a Georgia Pine, "and a barrage of foaming at the mouth and swearing ensued. As an Australian, I've encountered vehement opposition and online tongue-lashings from American citizens, so gun control isn't a subject, I'll often discuss. This latest event crossed a line: A six-year-old child was arrested… Continue reading Can Attitudes Towards Guns be Changed?


There’s Always One Joker in Every Crowd

The local museum had an interactive exhibit, mainly geared towards children. It comprised a large whiteboard on which children could hand-write a response to the following two questions: Tell us about your backyard. What changes have you (the children) made to your backyard, during COVID-19? I was interested in the children's responses so took a… Continue reading There’s Always One Joker in Every Crowd

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Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

For World Mental Heath Day last week, Moksha asked: * The country I live in? - Australia, Down Under, Aussie, Oz. * An incident that taught you the importance of taking care of your mental health Recognising that a victim of abuse, or domestic violence, be that of any gender, may be at risk of… Continue reading Moksha Asks for Mental Health Day

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Connecting through Kindness

Meaningful connection is diminishing. Communities are more divided on political, cultural, socio-economic and environmental fronts. Residents of larger cities feel more disconnected and more alone than ever before. Photo by Anna Tarazevich on Despite being well-connected via devices and instant messaging, feelings of loneliness and isolation are on the rise the world over and… Continue reading Connecting through Kindness

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FOMO and Coping skills for Children

There's an epidemic raging in the community, and it isn't a variant of Corona. It's FOMO - otherwise known as the Feeling of Missing Out. What is FOMO - the Fear of Missing Out FOMO is the feeling that you are missing out on something fundamentally important that others are experiencing right now. It can… Continue reading FOMO and Coping skills for Children

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Are You Ready Yet? How We Shop

"Are you ready yet?" My other half, aka the 'Moth,' called out - anxious to leave for another shopping expedition. Meanwhile, I tapped away on the keyboard writing yet another blog post. "I won't be long," I distractedly shouted back down the hall. But time then slowed for me; I was engrossed in getting my… Continue reading Are You Ready Yet? How We Shop