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Acidosis? Examining our Modern Diet

Many people think the western diet contributes to lower levels of good health. Do you eat a lot of ketchup or tomato sauce, drink a lot of fruit juice? Do you have trouble losing weight? Continue reading

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Invisible Murder – Book Review

With the topic of refugees and terrorism very much in the news, this novel by Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis, is written for our time and makes for illuminating reading.   Two impoverished Roma boys are scavenging for something to … Continue reading

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WPress Challenge – Guernica by Andrea Heiberg

Originally posted on I am not a silent poet:
A foreigner said to me Fish or cat? Mouse? Who am I to tell him we are watching Picasso and man is no fish neither are we cats mice perhaps.

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Living in the Seventies – a visual chronicle of youth

I came across the following link to a visual list of images this morning, posted by a friend I grew up with and it sums up, incredibly well, life growing up in Australia in the Seventies. Some of it may … Continue reading

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No Phone, No Power, No Internet, No life?

The fuse blew on my power connection today, and in my explanation to my teen as to what was happening, I told her how electricity was not available until the 1930- 40’s… until the introduction of the ‘electric light’ as her grandma, (who remembers its introduction), calls it.

So Miss Teen says, with a somewhat pained, incredulous look on her face, “So you grew up without electricity!!” And I responded: “No. I was born after the war, dear!!! How old do you think I really am?” So it begged the question: Are we too reliant on energy and the web? Continue reading

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