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Summer Reading

Summer in Australia, means that many of us can use the excuse of the heat, to relax inside the air-con with a good book, guilt free. And if you are anything like me, it would usually be a good crime novel that you reach for. As my summer is now over, I thought I'd share… Continue reading Summer Reading


31 Days of Free Writing Day 3

31 Days Five minutes of Free Writing Association  - A way of me to document my thoughts as summer approaches - a kind of cyber diary. Today's theme - Capture 8.45pm The ever-changing nature of the seasons help us notice the passing of each calendar year and summer even more so than the other four,… Continue reading 31 Days of Free Writing Day 3


Photo 101 Day Eight: Natural World Leading Lines

It seems I have loads of photos of the man made world where lines lead your eyes around the photograph but this is one of the few I can lay my hands on at the moment that comes form the natural world. Taken at the Ginger Factory in Yandina, Australia, where the terrential summer rain was really taking hold..... Nothing like a Tropical thunderstorm to freshen up the air.