Early morning sunrise photography
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Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Sunrise

Friendly Friday Photography Challenge


If you have been following Friendly Friday for a while, you might recognize a similar photograph to the one below, from one of our previous Friendly Friday photo challenges – ‘Between the Lines.’

The Golden hour is a wonderful study for budding photographers. Sometimes sunrises appears best shot with a warm glow and other times with cooler tones, as seen below.

This surfer has the best view of the sunrise as he waits for the right wave.

lone surfboard rider in the morning surf

Sunrise is the Earth’s golden hour. It is manner from heaven for photographers, especially with the light reflecting in the clouds.

I am at heart, a morning person, so it is relatively easy for me to be ready with mobile phone or camera, before the sun gets up.

The reward is seeing a sunrise like this: –

Early morning sunrise photography

The time it took for this fiery yellow ball, (we all depend on), to move over the horizon in this photo, was less than two precious minutes, yet it was enough time to energize me and fill me with positive anticipation for the day ahead.

Near the Tin can Bay Dolphins

Have you noticed that special light at this time of the morning?

It’s an in-between time, not fully formed daytime, and definitely not the dark side of night. Sunrise is a time of transition, of change, of movement into a new reality. A new day full of optimism and hope.

Magic and Promise

Sunrises are, however, a little more challenging for photographers to capture correctly. And I am no expert. I shoot for my own personal satisfaction and preference.

Shooting into the sun of the morning produces varied results

Early morning light tends to be cooler (higher blue) than light in the late evening, which leans toward more warm color castings consisting of orange and red.

You can find the quote on sunrise photography and further photographic tips here.

Friendly Friday Weekly Photo Prompt


Let’s share some wonderful sunrises from around the world on Friendly Friday!

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