Swimming Pools and Australian Children

Swimming in a public or private pool, dam or creek is a given in my region of Australia. It was and is a part of growing up. After all, it gets pretty hot here. Five months of the year. Learning to Swim in Australia Aussie kids receive mandatory swimming lessons at school. It has been… Continue reading Swimming Pools and Australian Children

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A Very Warm Christmas in Australia

It was almost a perfect summer's day. That interlude of lazy days between Christmas and New Year. The waves gently caressing the shore and the tourists out on stand-up paddleboards, kayaks or paddle boats. The number of pink inflatable ponies bobbing around in the water adorned with small children, an indication of what was on… Continue reading A Very Warm Christmas in Australia

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I Grew Up, but Never Forgot the Summers of the Sixties

Like JLo sings, I never forget I am Jenny from the Block. Do we ever forget our origins, our childhood years, even if we try? Those memories are so embedded in our permanent memory, they are hard to erase. Many details fade away, but just as many persist. When Snowmeltssomewhere, posted about Australia a flood of memories were brought back in a flash. Despite growing up at opposite ends of the earth, there was one thing in common that bound us.