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Haunted House in Talliin

As the Schnauzer begins barking at the Trick and Treaters brave enough to go out in the storm, I am reminded of another creepy tail and wonder about the activities that might occur at a location on the other side of the world.

The Devil’s Window (Rataskaevu 16)

There is a house at No. 16 Rataskaevu Street, across from the Cat’s Well, in Talliin, Estonia, and if you are observant, you might notice something odd – one of the windows on the top floor is bricked up from the inside, and it has false curtains painted on the inside.

Many centuries ago, a mysterious, cloaked man approached the owner of this 15th-century manor and offered to pay him a huge sum of money for the use of a particular room, on the very upper floor of the house – on the condition that he was granted complete privacy whilst he was there. He emphasized complete privacy. The landlord needed the money and consented to this request. The house was located at 16 Rataskaevu Street, in Talliin’s Old Town.

That night, neighbours reported hearing a tremendous thundering on the stairs, with loud noises coming from the flat. This made certain people very curious and the landlord’s servant couldn’t resist a peek inside.

The Legend of the Devil’s Wedding

Precisely at one o’clock, the sound abruptly stopped, as if the party had simply vanished. The next day the landlord‘s servant, who had been spying through the keyhole, was found mortally ill. Before dying, the servant claimed to have seen the Devil himself having a wedding party in the flat.

From that day on, unexplained party noises have occasionally been heard from the room late at night, even when no one is there. Eventually, the owner bricked up the room’s window to stop the reports.

The neighbour who owns a sushi restaurant did inform us that, during the recent, extensive remodelling of the building numerous artefacts were found hidden in the walls, including coins, documents and, in one wall in the back of the restaurant in what’s now the employees’ room, human bones.

Source: Trip Advisor and Hidden Talliin.com

This legend seemed appropriate to recount on the spookiest night of the year, Halloween. My visit to this location ended at 5pm, so I cannot confirm nor deny this as the Devil’s hangout. Why not visit one day and see for yourself?

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