Turning Japanese

How do you spend two weeks travelling Japan, with a teenager in tow, during the season of the 'Crimson Leaves?' By seeing incredible nature and having numerous experiences, good, bad, funny and serious, but all of them, unique. In fact, sometimes I felt like this old eighties song: Leaving Australia I was a little… Continue reading Turning Japanese


Weekend Writing Prompt – Heartbeat

Can you smell that? I questioned my husband. More interested in the television screen, his reply was an inaudible mumble. "Those kids are smoking," I hissed. "The rules were the rules, after all." I'd had misgivings about hosting a party for my daughter Kim and her teenage school friends, but she'd convinced me they'd stick… Continue reading Weekend Writing Prompt – Heartbeat

salmon pie

What’s for Dinner? – Salmon [Fiesta Friday]

Succumbing as my family are to the cravings they feel in the late afternoons, they drift out to the kitchen, one by one, muttering the daily question, "What's for dinner, Mum?" [ At this point, I have to steel myself and feign deafness, [clearly unsuccessfully], as I am always asked a second time, "What's for dinner?"

Broccoli and Spinach Soup
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Grandma was right after all – Chicken Soup

"Ah, I feel sick, I think I am coming down with a cold," wails my teenage son as he comes home from school.

"Oh dear, you do look a bit pale, I'll make some Chicken soup for you to..." I begin to say before I am abruptly cut off with a Talk to the Hand kind of gesture [observed frequently in male adolescents]. "Fine," I then respond, "but it helps me feel better, when I feel ill,"I plead, as the teen, who is by now making a swift exit from the kitchen, heads straight for the lounge. In one swift movement, he has grabbed the remote control and launched himself into the air, landing lengthwise on the Ektorp [Read: Ikea for Lounge] ala 'lounge lizard', on valium.