Stitching Problems – Trouble shooting common problems

I am often called upon to make a soft splint in my job and thus have to engage the services of a sewing machine, something that I have developed an intense Love- hate relationship with!!

It constantly surprises me that young girls do not know how to use or operate a sewing machine! There are many instructions guide out there but most problems in using the machine fall in to the following categories, and thus I am sharing these with any beginner sewers out there.Blog pics 006


Looping stitches on underside of fabric

  • Incorrect threading can cause this
  • Upper tension too light

*The presser foot is not positioned correctly or laid down before sewing

  • Wrong needle size or thread type for fabric sewn

Bobbin under thread breaks

  • Lower tension too tight?
  • Bobbin has been unevenly wound ( vary the machine speed when winding bobbin)

  • The bobbin has been over wound and is too full

  • Puckered Fabric

    • Both upper and lower tension is probably too tight
  • Presser foot is not resting fully on the fabric

  • Fabric is being pulled through the machine

  • Machine is threaded incorrectly

  • Thread has been wound on bobbin unevenly

  • Wrong needle size or type

  • Machine not feeding properly

    • Reverse is engaged (believe me, it CAN happen)
  • The feed dog may be lowered

  • Insufficient pressure on the presser foot

  • Guide fabric through until machine feed dog can grip fabric securely

  • Incorrect threading of machine

  • Incorrect threading of bobbin – usually threaded clockwise

  • Common sewing problems are something I ponder about