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A Natural Wonder (Two Days in Tin Can Bay)

Continuing the travel journal: Whilst we were hand feeding the dolphins at the Barnacles Boat Ramp, one of the staff suggested we go out to Rainbow Beach and visit the Carlo Sandblow, a natural wonder. What is that, we wondered? The mind boggled, but as Rainbow Beach has a bit of a reputation for being… Continue reading A Natural Wonder (Two Days in Tin Can Bay)

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Travel Diary – Two days in Tin Can Bay, Australia

Tin Can Bay - Few people know of it, and for some that is just the way they like it. Less than 2000 call this sleepy fishing village, located in a deep, but narrow. sheltered inlet, home. The origin of the name is a derivative of the Aboriginal work Tuncanbar, which meant the dugongs frequently found here in years past. But there is one thing that makes this place very special, and that is why we have come to visit.

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Day Trips Touring Australia – Gympie

It is Easter and we are on our way to Tin Can Bay, a sleepy seaside village, for a few days R & R over the break. Even though it is a journey not requiring us to stretch our legs or do a toilet stop, (only 2.5 hours, by car), I was keen to see… Continue reading Day Trips Touring Australia – Gympie


Part 3 EuroScandi Odyssey – Landing in Frankfurt

Frankfurt airport is huge and extremely difficult to orientate oneself unless you go directly out to an exit. On passing through Passport control, we were asked about our itinerary. I must say that the customs/police were very kind and friendly, as was our taxi driver (who was however, hell bent on breaking the sound barrier, getting us to our hotel) in Offenbach, a satellite town of Frankfurt. He was from Pakistan, ( aren't most taxi drivers?) and he told us how he had a near fatal car accident when he first started driving... eeek! Something he tells his customers to reassure them...... To our delight, our room at Sheraton Offenbach was made available for us straight away, at 7.15 am, which was either by good fortune, or because we were part of a large tour group that was commencing the next day. After settling in, we toddled out to find what Offenbach had on offer....excuse the pun/Dad joke. What we found was a small Christmas market, focused on food, in the "main" (again excuses for the pun/Dad joke), a wonderful Cafe at the Rathaus, where hot chocolate would be served to you for a paltry $1.20 Euro ( but who am I to complain?) and a medium sized indoor shopping centre with some wonderful clothes shops. Heidi and I spent most of the day there buying jumpers and t-shirts, jewellery. We loved it and found many bargains and some nice new winter gear.