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Travel Anxiety

Photo by Austin Zhang on Pexels.com “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the assessment that something else is more important than fear.”― Franklin D. Roosevelt Some people are nervous about travel. Particularly now, as strange virulent germs threaten our safety and confidence. I have always loved travelling. Perhaps it comes from a… Continue reading Travel Anxiety


Closing Down the Friendly Friday Challenge

Sadly, all good things come to an end. After four years, and hundreds of posts across the blogosphere, Friendly Friday Challenge will soon be closing down. Gooseberry It has been great, blogosphere, but its time to move on. The current Friendly Friday team have been unable to find anyone keen to take over administering the… Continue reading Closing Down the Friendly Friday Challenge

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Eight Unique Places to Visit in Trondheim, Norway

Situated on the Banks of the Nidelva river and the historic capital of Norway, Trondheim is home to around 30,000 University students and is a favourite destination of tourists. What's the attraction? Why do so many people choose to visit Trondheim, in Norway? From history to today - Trondheim's Nidelva river and old warehouses now… Continue reading Eight Unique Places to Visit in Trondheim, Norway


Friendly Friday Challenge – Framing Your Subject

I use the natural shapes of trees to frame an outdoor photo. I mean, I look for overhanging branches to use in the foreground. Particularly to give the subject some definition or dimension. A photo of the beach or the sunrise is always lovely, but it is better to have some kind of reference point.… Continue reading Friendly Friday Challenge – Framing Your Subject

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In the Garden Friendly Friday Challenge

The explosive delight of a Spring flower bud opening, a field of poppies flourishing where once there was death, the tenacity of a weed, seizing life in a crevice, this is the gift a garden offers. Gardens are places where life blossoms, blissfully ignorant of dire world events. In a chaotic world, we search for… Continue reading In the Garden Friendly Friday Challenge

Royal Delft factory, The Netherlands
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Diving into Art in Delft

Delft Town Hall and Square On one of my first trips to Europe, I visited Delft, a small town renowned for its art and painting - traditions that have been preserved since well before the 17th Century. Street Scene in Delft Delft is famous as the birthplace of the talented master painter, Vermeer, and home… Continue reading Diving into Art in Delft