Trump Mood Meter

Thanks to TheKing’sNecktie, I discovered there is a Trump Mood Meter in existence, to determine, that is, the leader’s, former President’s mood. This is presumably, tongue-in- cheek.

However, I am confused as to its authenticity. It claims to guard against stock market volatility, by predicting the mood of Donald Trump. If folk voted for the Don, I am guessing they may believe the Mood Meter when buying or selling stocks? In the Trump – Covid era, anything is possible.

N.B. The meter predicts his mood based on Trump’s tweets for the last 24 hours.

Interesting that if it is not swinging towards cheerful, the meter will read as raging! Two polar extremes, like the man himself. This meter might become more interesting as we get closer to Trump leaving the Whitehouse, by force, or by his own volition.

Photo by Priya Karkare on

It may just be the angle of this photo, from Pexels, but, weirdly, I see a silhouette of the barrel of a gun in the external shape of this building. But that’s just me, I suppose.

Something to Ponder About



No matter what you political affiliation, it is hard to steer a conversation away from the Trump phenomenon in America. People are concerned for the future, and few are jubilant. Democracy has a failing in that everyone has a choice to vote, but if voting is not compulsory, is it really indicative “of the people, by the people, for the people?”


When time become difficult, it is the girls, the women, and the Mothers who often worry about the children and the future, and yet it is conversely, often the men who are invariably in positions of authority, who decide everyone’s future!

We are not at war, but we have every right to be concerned about the future.

Clearly many people are, looking at the map of women’s marches around the world.img_13831.jpg


New Zealand TeMata


A Danish writer, Andrea Heiberg, penned the following to express her concerns:


Who’s the lady with the torch

Boko Haram hates to see?

Who’d bid me welcome

if it should be?


She’s my independent friend who

voices freedom




She’s still standing

sending out hope

to me


my sisters in





and elsewhere


when not grabbed by her pussy.


So go



Andrea Heiberg


January 2017


What do you think of her words?  Something  Serious to Ponder About