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Upcycling – Stool/potplant stand 30 minute Makeover

So many things are thrown away that are still useful. This stool was just begging me to rescue it from a kerbside clean up. And even with just a small embellishment, it has found a new home on my porch. Steps to its New look: 1.  First a coat of Forest Green acrylic Gouache (artists… Continue reading Upcycling – Stool/potplant stand 30 minute Makeover


Upcycling: Folk art – Tole painting on metal jug

  Despite the intense heat of the last few days, I did manage to produce a small item of decorative art. An old metal jug/watering can needed a facelift.  A simple daisy flower painted with a technique of using progressively lighter overlaying shades of acrylic gouache, some blended dry brushed leaves and some flyspecking with… Continue reading Upcycling: Folk art – Tole painting on metal jug


Up- cycling DIY Tutorial From Tired Placemat to Pretty Tea Cosy

What can you do with an old fabric placemat, that feels too good to throw away. Use the extra thermal padding and pretty fabric as a Teapot Cosy. 10 minute upcycling project, that will leave you with endless cups of hot tea,( or as much as your teapot holds) and you will be helping the planet. Waste less, enjoy more!


Recycle an Ikea Cushion

A quick up-cycling project One old Ikea cushion was getting a bit tatty and needed some TLC and renovation. Using some pretty quiliting fabric and co-ordinating remnant, I made 2 smaller cushions that look new and trendy! I only had to add some extra stuffing. and Voila.... The larger one I take in the car… Continue reading Recycle an Ikea Cushion