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What We Can and Cannot Change

Do you ever think about what you want to happen in a forthcoming situation? Or does worry get in the way and you tend to focus on what you don't want to happen? The Ego and Finding Fault It seems our ego focuses naturally on the negative aspects, due to an outdated evolutionary adaptation and… Continue reading What We Can and Cannot Change


Proverbial Thursday – Global Words of Wisdom

Wise words are more frequently the product of many years of experience and handed down orally from generation to generation. I welcome discussion of these words to extract their many layers of hidden meanings


Therapeutic Hunger – when it is good not to finish all on your plate!

Therapeutic Hunger: Necessary for good health

I want to coin this term “Therapeutic Hunger” (TH), to differentiate it from the hunger that is associated with problem issues like famine, poverty and eating disorders.

“Therapeutic Hunger” (TH) is residual hunger that is still left when we don’t eat stomach full. When we finish meals, and have eaten just the right quantity of food, that we don’t feel full. This sweet hunger is very therapeutic, as it helps optimise digestion, proper absorption of nutrients, and enough space for elimination of waste.