Friendly Friday Challenge Review 2020

As we are on a break from our regular weekly photography challenges, my talented co-host, Sandy from The Sandy Chronicles, highlighted some extra special photographs from Friendly Friday 2020.

Most Popular Friendly Friday Post for 2020

My favourite theme for 2020 was: Yellow. It was also the Friendly Friday Challenge post that received the most comments! Here’s my favourite yellow photograph:

Colours are fun and laid back themes for our photography, as the colour yellow has a such a ‘sunny,’ disposition. Yellow objects always brighten up any room.

Re-visit the original Friendly Friday – Yellow theme or Sandy’s 2020 Friendly Friday Review in case you missed them the first time around.

Kyoto, Japan

Friendly Friday Blogging Challenge

The Friendly Friday Challenge for 2021 will return January 29 over at The Sandy Chronicles with a slightly altered format. What will that be?

We will tell you soon!

Until then, keep clicking those shutters!

Friendly Friday Photo challenge

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Yellow

Yellow features in Bee Gees Way

It is Spring in the northern hemisphere, whilst we in the South, prepare for Autumn. Australian native plants don’t follow a strict regime of flowering as they do in the North. Some flower all year round. That is Australia – the land of eternal sun.

At least the Xanthostemon flowers below think so – Try saying that after a glass of wine!

xanthostemon chrysanthus
Xanthostemon flower

Friendly Friday Photo Prompt

As you might have guessed, the prompt for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge, this week, is:


Japan might be in the north, but I found plenty of yellow there too.

Denmark may have closed its border, but I can visit my homeland via these photos of the famous “Skagen Yellow” houses.

A Link to: My favourite yellow Courtyard in Skagen Denmark

Food can be yellow too – and I do like Cake. Usually lemon flavoured, just so you know in case you come to mine for tea.

Bored at home in lock down? Feel like doing a bit of interior decorating?

Photo Credit and Link to article on Yayao Kusama

I will take you to Kyoto for 30 seconds. With Yellow leaves and all. The courtyard of quirky Artist – Yayao Kusama.

happy flowers

Interested in joining in on Friendly Friday?

Create, Write, Tag and Linkback your ‘Yellow’ Post. Do let me know in the comments that you have posted and I will pay you a visit.

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Next week, my co-host Sandy will have another great prompt for you budding photographers, locked down or not.

Friendly Friday

Photo Challenge – YELLOW

It is easy to find lots of Yellow around you when you look hard enough.

Such a happy colour –


More yellow flowers… Banksia… my favourite

Banksia Flower

Riverfire festival: Support the duck???

Family 2014 017-001

Yellow houses….

in New Zealand

To Akaroa.... a hidden diamond

and  in Denmark


Bees like yellow too……


I used the picsart app to embellish the final photo

PicsArt camera appJoin in with the Daily Post’s Yellow – Photography Challenge  and find some yellow in your environment.

Something to Ponder About

Danmark, History & Traditions, Painting, Traditional Art

A Lingering Look at Architecture: April ~ Yellow Houses!

Yet another fun challenge. Yellow houses…. now this did attract my eye. Is there a ‘love’ button, as I could not just ‘like’ this post by  The Day After.

This is week three of the month’s theme : “Your Favorite Color Homes” in which we are encouraged to share some of the colorful homes captured on our travels or our neighborhood.

You won’t find many yellow houses in the Australian neighbourhood,


but in Denmark: this special yellow is known in some parts as “Skagen Yellow” and my family’s ancestral home “Faergebo” was – yellow!

Sønder FeldingIsn’t it a beautiful home?

and there’s more in the Dutch – Danish fishing town of Dragør:


and still more, in many villages from Christiansfeld to Odense:

But you will find some yellow architecture in old time Sweden too, like here:

Gamla Stan
Gamla Stan

More often, you find red houses in Norway, but then again if you look closely, you will find the Danes had a bit of an influence there too:


Join in here

Something Yellow to Ponder About