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Recycling Books – The Book Cafe/Book Mooch/Book Club

Today I traded in about ten of my good quality used books, at a Second hand book store ( that doubles as a nice cafe) and received enough store credit to purchase two more books.  There is a really nice atmosphere in this shop. It is unlike the dusty musty stores of yesteryear and has an assortment of new books as well. The cafe section allow you to browse the second hand books as you enjoy your light meal and coffee

What do you do with all your “read” books?  Do they gather mould and dust on your shelves? Do they end up in the thrift shop bins?

Here are several ideas for a better destination of your unwanted books:

1. Book mooch

This is essentially a trading club. You have to list at least 6 books you wish to give away, to get started and then you can request people to send you books that they have listed. Be careful to check the language the book is written in, as this is an international group and your may end up with a title in German, and you wanted Spanish! Can also be a bit costly as you have to bear the cost of postage to send your books, but not to receive! Extra points are earned ( which can be used to mooch more books) by sending internationally.  The site is linked to Amazon in case you really want to buy the book asap. You can also donate your points to charity, if you like.

2. Used Book Store

Take or trade in at a recycling book store, like the Book cafe in Brisbane, Australia.  You can trade in used good quality books for a store credit on their second hand lines. You can return the ones you bought on credit for further credit if  you like. A great way to save trees, but also for retailers to make some money and share the wondeful things that books are….

3.New Book Swap/Club

Start a book club with your friends. Gather about 10 books and about 5 friends. Rotate the books amongst each of you, by placing or sending to each person’s letter box,  when each person has finished with them. Keep rotating until you have read all five of the titles. Have a meet up once or twice a year at a nice inexpensive restaurant to discuss how you liked or disliked each book.

4. Book Crossing

Leave at a counter in a shopping centre or Doctors’ surgery or library for someone to find. There is an international program where you can track your book. To do this, register your book at Book Crossing and download a free label, for  your book. As well as identifying it for tracking, it also gives directions so that the book’s movements can be tracked around your city or perhaps, even the world. The idea is for your to release your book to the ‘wild’ by leaving your labeled book on a park bench on a summer day, in a train station, on the table in your favorite coffee shop — anywhere it’s likely to be caught by another delighted reader. Then visit the website to read about your book’s new adventures!

5. Charity/ Thrift shop or library. The underprivileged or refugee centres love books. And it can be a source of income for those who have no other means.

If you are in the US, some might include:

Books for Africa

It costs 50 American cents to send a book to Africa, so this is a consideration.

Books for prisoners

Mainly non- fiction books. Good chance to rehabilitate offenders with new knowledge and constructive use of their time.

Where will you much loved books end up? Something to ponder about…..

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