Did You Know – This Nutty Information

Natural foods and delicious too. Incorporate some nuts into your diet today. Pine nuts are especially great.

Lesley Voth


1. Almondscontain more Vitamin E than any other nut. Essential for heart, nerve and muscle health. Good way to eat them is also pure almond butter on apple slices.


2. Walnuts – The best way to purchase walnuts are while they are still in the shell. Walnuts are ideal for athletes due to the anti inflammatory monounsaturated fats. They also contain alpha-linoleic acid, which are good for joints and boosts mood. Researchers have also found the antioxidant compounds in walnuts detoxify potential carcinogens in the body.


3. Pine nutsThese are natures only source of Pinoleic acid, which stimulates hormones that reduce appetite. This nut is also packed with b group vitamins copper which helps transport oxygen and immune boosting vitamin E and magnesium for muscular aches, pains and cramps.


4. Pistachio NutsPistachios are a great choice for sportspeople. They contain 7 amino acids which…

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      1. With air con and fans. Our thermometer in the shade house read 43.9 at 3pm. Went to the markets just after 8am and it was already over 30.
        I spent the day working on my quilt.
        How did you go?


        1. Stayed in air con except for a shopping trip. Was a lather of sweat at 8 am. The aircons were going full pelt. Hit 41 I think. Terrible. Hopefully better tomorrow. At least the washing dried quick.


      2. Yeh the quick drying washing was a bonus. The garden gnome does that for me and he only washed some new sheets we’d bought. I don’t want my clothes out in that sun.
        Today appears to be a little more overcast although it is 8.30am and I have the fan going flat out 🙂


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