Northern Lights in Lapland’s Lake Inari

An amazing experience. The Northern Lights.
Truly something I want to ponder some more about.


There’s not much to Inari, Finland, except a lake, a few hotels and the chance to see the northern lights.

And that’s how we find ourselves lying atop frozen Lake Inari, staring up at the sky in -27 degree weather. I’m wearing 2 layers of Uniqlo heattech pants plus snow pants, a heattech shirt, wool sweater and goose down jacket, along with furry Russian style hat, a mask to cover the rest of my face, 2 pairs of socks and insulated winter boots.

It’s not enough.

Within 20 minutes, I start to feel the cold creeping through all my protective layers, whispering at my skin, like a ghost. I ignore it. I’m here to see the northern lights, dammit, and see them I will.

We walk as far to the other side of the lake as we can, in an attempt to get away from the hotel lights that pollute…

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