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My friend has an uncanny ability to find unusual objects hitherto unseen, in my photos.

In a old photo of me in a forest she found a small, fairy-like nymph hidden in the foliage.

In a street photo in a country town, she found a reflection of a soldier in a shop window – No soldiers were visible anywhere nearby at the time at which the photo was taken!!


So naturally on a photo of steam rising after a heavy night fog, she saw…..well what do you see?


Is it really so unusual?
Something weird and Unusual to Ponder About.

15 thoughts on “Unusual”

  1. My grandmother saw creatures when we walked in the forest. And in the meadows as well. I see them too, but not as often as she did. I believe this is a positive thing!

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      1. I think we should not underestimate our senses. We are all different and some are more sensitive than others. Why must everything be possible to explain?
        Some 40 years ago my boyfriend (who is hyper rational) and I were driving home from Malmoe and were caught in such an intense light that we almost stopped the car. There was nobody on the road but us, but we did not have the courage to stop. The intense light came from some kind of moving thing in the sky – not very high above our car. I was terrified and crept down on the floor while he drove on.. The next day we contacted the police and tried to figure out what had happened that night. No reports of anything unusual. I will never forget that day, and my husband still remembers the fear we felt.

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        1. I can definitely relate to an unexplained experience such as this. When we look at human knowledge in a historical fashion it is almost comical how naive people were, believing that the world was flat etc. Now we know differently. I had an unexplained incident as a young person. Lights in the sky flying in a crazy zig zag fashion and then beams of light centered our stationary car and moved into the cabin of our carshining on us! 4 Weird shiny crescent shaped objects shivering above the waters edge (where our car was parked) appeared when we turned on car headlights. That was enough for us. We got out if there fast but my friend and I never forgot. Perhaps I might write about it in a post? Thanks for sharing your story. I did believe it and can imagine your terror. In Australia three is a unexplained phenomenon called the Min-min light. Your light could be a similar thing, whatever the origin!!


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