Friendly Friday: Dreamy

raindrops 20150618_071310

Just one Dreamy Image

My dreamy image is this week is ‘dreamy,’ because it seems like it never rains here anymore. My memory of raindrops in my city, now dates back to October last year. That might not be so usual in some parts of the world, but this is our rainy season. Yet only one week of light showers since the middle of last year is not enough water for plants, animals and people.

Bring on the raindrops.

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I like the topic and I think we make a great team.

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My turn to host this challenge, comes next Wednesday on Friendly Friday. I hope you like the prompt I will post next Friday.

Something to Ponder About.


28 thoughts on “Friendly Friday: Dreamy”

    1. Thank you, Yvette. I thought it was an interesting pattern of raindrops. I do hope we get some rain soon. We might end up with some water restrictions, perhaps? I think California has similar issues with water too, don’t they?

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        1. Australia is the driest continent to start with, Tanja. Add to that we try to farm land that is arid, irrigating from water in rivers and streams. If there is no rain, there is not much left downstream. In my area, there have been two fires in the last week, due to high winds (but no rain) from a cyclone, and the large amount of dry grass and leaves on the ground. If someone casually drops a cigarette butt, it goes up in flames.


          1. We have lots of fires in the summer too because people are not careful enough and sometimes it’s difficult to extinguish the fire if it’s windy


            1. This area doesn’t normally receive a lot of wind, which makes for very hot and humid days in summer. Having said that, the intense wind from the cyclone has contributed to the two recent fires. The firemen must be really busy. Are you in England or Croatia at the moment, Tanja?


            2. Especially down south there are problems with their dry summer and wet winter. It means hot temperatures when there is no usual rain and cold and wet winters. In the sub tropics, here, the rain should come in summertime but this year it hasn’t. Tasmania lost last tracts of forest and property this year to bushfire.


  1. A beautiful capture Amanda and I hope you’ll get more rain to water the flowers, crops and wildlife 🙂💖🦋


    1. Thank you, Xenia. We do need it desperately. We had around 25 drops this morning, and I do mean drops. I could count them falling on the tin roof. That was it. The sun is shining now………..

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  2. Oh my. This made me instantly very gloomy. Not your post or this challenge – you two are a dreamy team and Friendly Fridays are just what we all need! – but the thought of rain as merely a dream and a memory. How far removed are we from that day?

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    1. We did have a light misty rain for about two minutes this afternoon. Not really a shower a it didn’t even feel wet when I was out walking, but it sort of gives me hope, Manja. We are very vulnerable without rain. The planet would die. I am confident it had to come sonner or later.

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  3. So sweet of you Amanda, we are a great match and I’m so happy we are doing this together! Thanks for hosting with me! 💕
    As for the rain and all the other bizarre weather conditions everyone around the globe has been experiencing: it’s scary and it makes me wonder how many generations of our children will have a live planet to live on. Terrifying.

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    1. I think it will be a slow decline of our planet, things will break down slowly. But there will be noticeable effects in spots. I studied the environment in the eighties and almost forty years academic predictions are coming to pass. The effects are accelerating but I am hopeful there is time to turn it around. On a more positive note, our photo challenge has become popular. We have made a difference in the blogosphere! ♥️

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