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Friendly Friday Challenge – Road Trip

Over at The Sandy Chronicles, my Friendly Friday co-host Sandy has thrown out the challenge for me to participate in the theme Road Trip. Not just with the usual written post, but with a custom video presentation via Canva.

So, I know a little about Canva, but I’ve only used the trial version. Ah! This was a challenge. However, with a little bit of time invested, I have pulled it off, I hope.

Thanks Sandy for stretching my IT skills a little wider!

Road Trip along the Great Ocean Road

What do you think? Would you want to visit there?

Update: I have slowed the video shots a little and uploaded a new version.

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69 thoughts on “Friendly Friday Challenge – Road Trip”

    1. Thank you, Alison! I am so glad to hear that the video worked for blog visitors. It is a fabulous area and Apollo Bay is one of my favourite destination. Not the least because they have amazing seafood and the hinterland the most delicious strawberries. What was your favourite spot?

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        1. Blue grotto? The grotto that I recall wasn’t so blue when I visited, but I do remember the incredibly turquoise blue water you refer to. And I remember I also saw it around Port Fairy. Just think that the waters all around Australia might be more like that without the intrusions of a large population and swirling sediments.


          1. It’s not that one. Two experts spend 5 days travelling around the country in a veteran car, with an allocated sum of money visiting antique centres in various locations and put their purchases into 5 different auctions – the winner being the one with most profits at the end.

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  1. I absolutely love it. Only suggestion is that more time is allowed per screen as I could not watch all beautiful photos if there were more than one per screen. But – well done, I might even try it out myself and share my video with you. ~Should it be Australian road trip?

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    1. Good idea, Christa. I had thought about the timing myself and wasn’t sure how to slow it down. Sandy will know if it can be done!
      The challenge is any road trip, not just an Australian road trip. Ping back Sandy so she can find the post. And me too so, in case your post notification to me gets lost.

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    1. The thing about Covid is that most places can now be visited without the crowds. And we have very little if any Covid here. Apart from a short well controlled outbreak. You just have to do two weeks in hotel quarantine before you are allowed to roam free. One day in the future, you must return Liesbet. Perhaps you could sail around Australia a bit?

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          1. Yes. Back in 2001, I stayed three months and three weeks, because I loved Australia so much and Iโ€™d met an American visitor who would become my boyfriend. When flying out, I got a bit in trouble – not a surprise – and was banned from the country for the following two years. I was told that if Iโ€™d had overstayed for four weeks, Iโ€™d have been banned for ten years.

            That is now long behind me, I have become a more responsible traveler, and I look forward to returning one day. ๐Ÿ™‚


    1. Yes Keith, that was the fabulous thing about that spot, the Grotto. There was a cheeky tourist who wandered down to the opening to get a great photo. We were admonishing him the whole time because a large wave could have washed through and he would have been powerless to prevent being thrown onto the rocks and washed out to sea. Silly man – but all ended well, the waves stayed silent. Young men and risks……..enough said.


    1. I hope you do, Sarah. It was so much fun putting it together. I probably would not have attempted it without Sandy’s encouragement and facilitation. She is so very kind! I have had a busy few weeks so it has been hard to find time to visit other blogs, so I was pleased when I managed to pull it together. I look forward to seeing your contribution!


    1. The Moon shot! I was going to delete it as it didn’t seem too relevant at first. Then I thought it was fun, so left it in. I guess scenic shots no matter how outstanding can use a mix of people in them too! Thanks Laurie!

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  2. Great Job Amanda! It turned out well and I’m glad folks liked the video.

    Given the interest, maybe I’ll pull together a few tips on how to do it and post on my blog. I’ll even say how to change the timing ๐Ÿ˜‰

    What do you think ?

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    1. Yay – there is an Aussie who has been to the GOR more times than Sheree – who commented above. Given half the chance and a co-operative husband, I would be there every year – anything to get away from the heat of a Queensland Summer. And to take advantage of cherry season in Victoria!

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  3. Loved the video and the trip. Only difference being that I had never thought of overnighting. Was always a (long) day trip. Port Fairy is lovely place and only about 35 km, as the crow flies from our farm and my home util 15 years go.

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  4. You would know this area really well, Woolly. I know tourists who have done the very long day trip from Melbourne. it was much nicer and more relaxed to stop off at various places. The cottage we stayed at in Boggy Creek was amazing – the garden was dotted with interesting farm relics and collectables. No TV or internet reception bothered the M.o.t.H though. He was a bit bored in the evening. A lovely getaway though. I though you were in Geelong. Did you like living in the Port Fairy area? I think it is a delightful part of the world.

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. It is one of those iconic driving roads around the world. Magnificent ocean views, unique rock formations and quiet villages dotted along the road. I really enjoyed my time there and would highly recommend it post Covid. Where are you based?

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    1. It is a good idea to hit follow or sign up by email if you want notification of Friendly Friday Challenge posts or any of my posts. That way to don’t miss anything. ๐Ÿ˜‰


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