Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge – (Challenger’s Choice) Travel


Challenger’s choice for this week. One of my recent travel photos. Not too bad for a little Nexus 4 through glass.

Hardangervidda, Norway

Something to Ponder About

My contribution for Sally’s challenge – join in at lensandpensbysally

14 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge – (Challenger’s Choice) Travel”

  1. It’s a wonderful shot, Amanda; but as with 99% of the photos I see posted these days, it makes me wonder why the gamma level is low. I suspect it’s my being out of touch with today’s technology; and that contrast is seen as a better … indicator ? than gamma …


      1. Ah ! – probably not, but through glass will always change what’s shot, I understand.
        I whinge about contrast a lot, these days – please don’t think I’m picking on you !!!!


          1. Alas, I cannot, Amanda. All I know about them is using them on a photo in post-production – I know nozzink about ’em in regard to the taking of photos.


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