Monday Mystery Photo – (Last week Utne, Hardanger Fjord, Norway)

Each Monday I post a mystery photo, or occasionally a mystery object on my blog.

YouMonday Mystery can leave a comment if you think you know where this week’s mystery photo was taken. If you guess correctly, I will credit you the following week and post a link to your site/blog.

Where in the World are We Today (photo immediately below)? Can you guess?



Last week (picture below), we were overlooking the stunning Hardanger fjord, at Utne, Norway, enjoying a lunch at the historic Utne Hotell.

Tara from After the Rain correctly guessed Norway and Tina at Everyday life in Vienna wins the prize for the closest guess of Folgefunna, Norway. We were in fact, just around the corner of the fjord from there, Tina.  Well done, girls.

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22 thoughts on “Monday Mystery Photo – (Last week Utne, Hardanger Fjord, Norway)”

  1. I don’t know where it is but it looks like a fairytale castle. You’ve been to so many beautiful places.


          1. Is that the best way to get them to you? I could Dropbox them otherwise, although would still need an email.


  2. I love the idea of a mystery photo! Had I not looked at the comments, I would have had no idea where it was, but this is a great way to learn about a location. Great idea!

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