Five Minutes of Free Writing – Home

31 Days  of  Free Writing and today’s topic is ‘Home’


10.07 pm

Home is Sanctuary, where relaxation, happiness and contentment reign supreme,  or what many of us aspire to.

It isn’t always like that but we cling to this ideal as essential as oxygen.

Home can be the site of domestic violence, home can be a country plagued by war.

Home can be riddled with financial woes or emotional worries.

Home can be warm and loving and a place to be your real self, without any hats.

Home can be children running and giggling, playing without care, and later a gaggle of electronic devices with humans attached! Home can be elderly parents reminiscing in front of the ‘tele’ about the good ‘ol days, knitting or doing crosswords.

Home is a garden with green grass and lush plants and flowers, a swimming pool.

Home is memories good and bad.

Home is in the land down under, yet I went HOME when I returned to Denmark!

Is home one place?

Home is wherever the heart is,

One’s Home is sacred; Home is sanctuary.

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11 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Free Writing – Home”

  1. Yes, no matter how much time we have, an urgency in writing is sometimes a good thing. One lets fly, and often it becomes more spontanious then when there is plenty of available time.

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  2. Good work. Shows that your brain sticks to the subject and that is what it is all about. You are at least fluent in the usage of English. Editing takes up too much time. If you only use 5 minutes you know that you have to use as much information as you can. Later on you can use it in a new post, putting more body to or changing the order. It also is only for a month! (I think I am busy encouraging myself also now to keep on writing!)

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    1. Thanks, Ineke. I hope I am fluent in English!!! But I really admire anyone who knows more than one language as I am still struggling as an adult learner with my Danish!! I like your ideas for using some if these in a new post.


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