Five Minutes of Summer – Embrace

31 Days Free Writing Challenge

Day 3 – Embrace




Today it is hot, really hot. The sudden burst of heat is intolerable, already! The absolute last thing I feel like is an embrace! And this is exactly the topic I have been given to write about?

An embrace is comforting, soul-nurturing and reassuring in times of need, and I love a good hug, but hell, don’t even think about touching me when the mercury is above 32 degrees! Just a heads up when you are in my area!

We need an embrace to feel loved, yes? Yet in some parts of the animal kingdom, there are no embraces of an affectionate nature. They are purely functional and designed to fulfil the basic biological need of perpetuating each species, something that is so hard-wired into our brains, it is as essential as each breath we take.

Remember biology lessons in Year 11? If so, you might remember Maslow’s heirarchy of needs, wherein he identified affection to be essential once basic needs like food and shelter were met. So what about those folk who live alone? Those reclusive souls who never feel an embrace? Could this be why loneliness is so painful? A mother’s love is so strong yet children grow up and need to learn to separate (all very necessary) from a parent’s  and family’s embrace in order to develop independence and to find their own soulmate to embrace and the cycle begins again.

Embrace – a hug, affection, something valued and something to ponder about. But not on a hot day!…Enough!wpid-wp-1443948548820.jpeg

More tomorrow……



10 thoughts on “Five Minutes of Summer – Embrace”

  1. A hug is nice but somehwat overrated. American psychology has a lot to answer for. Hugging takes all sorts of cultural forms. It has to be natural and sometimes I feel a touch of hands or a certain look is just as valid as an overpowering embrace choking the receiver almost to death.
    The Finns are not great huggers, but boy are they reliable. Once a word is given, it is there forever.

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    1. A word that is kept, is more valuable than a disingenuous hug given because convention dictates it! In this respect, I do agree with the Finns. And totally agree with you about a certain look, or nod of acknowledgement. In certain circumstances, extremely powerful and reassuring. And aren’t their cultures that exclude hugging between sexes? What would Maslow think of them? Your comments are insightful and I appreciate them, Gerard.


  2. A great reflection on the word embrace. Hugs do seem to be rated very highly nowadays – especially as something vital to human psychological and emotional development (without which we would surely become shrivelled, partially developed beings!). It seems even trees benefit from such embraces. Nicely written, Amanda. 🙂


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