A Word a Week Challenge – Glitter

A Word a Week Challenge - Glitter

Reindeer leg in glass – Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane, Australia 2010


The  Whole Reindeer! The light in this room was really special!

Light on snow at St. Moritz, Switzerland
Light on snow at St. Moritz, Switzerland

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania, Australia

Cabbage flower or fruit - Narita, Japan
Cabbage flower or fruit – Narita, Japan


and last but not least:

The last photo for this week’s challenge is taken at Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, a glittery place if ever I have seen one.

I often ponder about whether I will return there one day.

31 thoughts on “A Word a Week Challenge – Glitter”

    1. Travel Spirit, you have some spectacular photos from the year just past. I have just discovered pinterest so hope to learn as much as you have there. Thanks for commenting, for otherwise I may not have found your blog! 50’s is fabulous!


        1. You will not be sorry. I am planning to head to NZ at Easter, if I can swing it. south island is really pretty with snowfall. The first time I went was in August. Fresh snow on the southern mountain range.


    1. Hi Leanne, So nice of you to say so! But I think the credit for the reindeer should go to the artist that created it. Unfotunately, I don’t know his name. Yes Lake Tekapo is amazing, especially if there has been a recent snowfall. Really want to go back to NZ this year, I hope.


    1. Yes it wasn’t planned. Just something I spotted afterwards. Heehe. We look like we have been shrunk!!!! I might post a pic of the whole reindeer if I still have it, as it has created a bit of interest.


  1. Lovely shots (particularly, as has been mentioned, the reindeer), and having read your ‘about’ info I look forward to spending some more time on your site and reading more of your stuff. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your first photo is awe-inspiring! It’s a wonderful example of taking art that already exists and making it your own. Beautiful!


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