Phoneography and Non-SRL Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Black and White

IMG_20150101_202010~2 (Small)Black and white images are always a challenge,

I don’t set out to take a black and white photo, so I am adjusting colour photos to test the monochromatic results.

Some are surprising, others, a disappointment.

IMG_20150121_113225~2 (Small)

 Street Photography appears to work well with black and white

IMG_20140924_140056~2~2 (Small)or those photos with sections of high contrast

The Nexus 4 makes it easy to edit and produce a good monochromatic effect

Sally’s Lens and Pens Phoneography Challenge

Black and White Phoneography is Something I enjoy Pondering About


22 thoughts on “Phoneography and Non-SRL Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Black and White”

  1. And you did very well with this challenge, although you did not set out to shot in B&W, the editing is marvelous. All 3 are well done and I especially like 2 for the contrast and blur effect; and 3 for contrast and texture.

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  2. Yes, indeed, your conversion into monochrome gave each image its due. I am especially drawn to two, which is a striking example of how black and white can focus on details and the subject is not being overshadowed by technicolor. Also I like your composition where the one horse is made the center of attention. Happy Photo Challenge.

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    1. Thanks Sally! The Carousel photograph was somewhat of a fluke, having only a second to point and shoot! I didn’t have time to consider rule of thirds etc. So I am happy that you think it acceptable!


      1. Thank you. Yes, I fell in love with M-R as well, she helped me so much when I was just new at blogging and didn’t really know what I was doing. Gosh that sounds like I know it now LOL. You might like my other blog -the kitchen blog- more than my smoking blog.


    1. Perhaps I don’ t have the correct term. It is where you divide your photo/lens into a grid of three lines horizontally and vertically and then try to place your focal point or main item of interest where the outer lines intersect.

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  3. I enjoyed all of these, Amanda, but number two wins my heart as well. I still remember when all photos were black and white, so it’s amazing to be able to switch back and forth at will (as well as not have to pay someone to develop the film to see how the photos came out!)



    1. Isn’t it so cool that we can take as many photos as we like, or as many as our card will hold. I used to always be running around buying more films, and saying: no, I won’t photograph that, as I have to ration my photos. And then they turned out crappy, and I thought what a waste.
      Thanks for your comment, Janet, and I am glad you like the second one….it is quite nostalgic


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