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Carrot and Cardamon Cake

I have been baking over at the Home by the Sea.

My imminent retirement and perhaps the pandemic needs to shoulder the blame for my cooking one cake every week. Sometimes I will cook a second – depending on who is visiting.

This week the recipe is for Carrot and Cardamon Cake.

The M.o.t.h. (Man of the house if you haven’t been introduced) loved it. He thinks it is a great option because it contains vegetables! Just disregard the amount of calories in 310 g of sugar.

If you can get past that figure, it is delicous with a cup of coffee or tea. Highly recommended.

Cardamon on the other hand is amazing. Apparently Google claims it may have:

  • Antioxidant and Diuretic Properties May Lower Blood Pressure
  • May Contain Cancer-Fighting Compounds
  • May Protect from Chronic Diseases Thanks to Anti-Inflammatory Effects
  • May Help with Digestive Problems, Including Ulcers
  • May Treat Bad Breath and Prevent Cavities
  • May Have Antibacterial Effects and Treat Infections

That is something to ponder about


42 thoughts on “Carrot and Cardamon Cake”

  1. I have a zucchini and poppyseed cake recipe that I really want to pull my finger out and make.
    Then I shall make this: it sounds dee-lishus !
    Am impressed with your managing to well to justify the cake’s existence within your blog. [grin]

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    1. Now that is a cake I would like to make so I hope you are going to share the recipe, M-R and your culinary protocols! Lol! To ice or not to ice? I wonder what you will choose.
      I am a little frustrated by the absence of my secondary blog on the wordpress reader so am trying to send a little traffic that way. If I spend all my writing hours there, no one sees it!

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      1. A second blog rarely works, Amanda. Not unless you’re an influencer. Dunno why, but we seem capable or willing of/to follow just one blog that someone puts up.

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          1. Possibly. Even probably. But I’ve never come across someone with more than one blog who can claim both/all to be equally popular; so there has to be some trick performed to try out your theory. I shall Have A Think.

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        1. I am no influencer, whatever the hell that is anyway. I will have to consider buying extra storage then, or perhaps this is WP’s plan for those philanderers using free blog plans for too long?

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  2. I wonder what John would think of this cake. He loves carrot cake, and his family always had cardamom in the house. His grandmother was born in Norway and used cardamom liberally in Christmas cookies.


    1. Hi Linda, Thanks for commenting. Now I know someone reads the blog with an intent to bake! Yay!
      For some reason, those instructions weren’t initially showing. I have added them back now. Those darn wordpress gremlins much have been hard at work, as it couldn’t possibly have been the author of the post – Lol.
      I used a loaf pan and a smaller friand pan for the excess. The small pan was done in around 20 minutes whilst the loaf was around 35 but ovens vary so much, this is only a guide.
      The full “method,” is posted here

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