Christmas Hygge Challenge

Over at the Cove, Cyranny has thrown out a Christmas challenge.

As Friendly Friday is in recess till the end of January, time permits my joining this fun challenge. As it is now the 15th January, I mean December, (thanks Sandy), I have some catching up to do. Here is 15 days of postings.

Crafting time and a fun way to recycle paint strips into a personalised Christmas card.

If you wish to try out this DIY, the Christmas trees don’t have to be shades of green; red; pink; purple and grey paint strips would look great with a coloured or white card.

Christmas craft
Day 2 : Christmas Crafts
Day 3: Not my all time favourite Christmas song, but it is up there and suits our tropical Christmas weather
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  • Dancing at Christmas time in Skansen museum, stockholm
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Here is the list from Cyranny’s cove for the Hygge Challenge

I have to admit I am stumped for Day 7: holiday movies. It is not a tradition here to watch television at Christmas or to watch a particular movie or show. Australian traditions are all outdoorsy things – hey, it is summer here at Christmas!

Think barbeques, pool parties, trips to the beach, so who has time for movies?

But everyone has times for gifts at Chrsitmas.

candle gifts

Join in with the Christmas challenge and get in the festive spirit at Cyranny’s Cove.


21 thoughts on “Christmas Hygge Challenge”

  1. You jumped the time zones and went all the way to January! you might caught up a bit too much. 😉

    Cute pictures. I liked the one with all the Santas taking a break. Must be Santa union rules. I also liked the painting of the dancing girls. I thought it was a card but is it a painted cable box? We have those too, its a nice wayto dress up drab boxes.

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    1. Oh really. I think I have misunderstood the challenge. I thought I had two weeks of “days,’ to catch up seeing as it was the 14th. I am so glad to hear that painting traffic light control boxes is a thing in Canada too! It definitely makes sitting in a car waiting for the red light to change, much more interesting.


  2. Beautiful photos.Love, love, love Christmas time my favourite thing is shopping for friends & family & the deco. We have our special Christmas movies the old animated, frosty the snow man, Rudolph the red nosed reindeer & not so old but love Polar Express & the Grinch.

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  3. I really like those cards! Great idea. So cold in Maine right now—8 degrees Fahrenheit. Fun to think of you planning summer activities. If you have a rainy evening, here are a couple of movie suggestions: “Elf” and “A Muppets Christmas Carol.”

    Liked by 1 person

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