jacaranda tree in bloom

Word of the Week – WOW

Heena Rathore hosts a WOW post each week as a way to improve one’s vocabulary.

The summers in Australia are so intense, for four months of the year, one feels a certain lassitude that overcomes any urge to be productive!

Moffat Beach

noun: lassitude
  1. a state of physical or mental weariness; lack of energy.
    “she was overcome by lassitude and retired to bed”
    synonyms: lethargy, listlessness, weariness, languor, sluggishness, enervation, tiredness, exhaustion, fatigue, sleepiness, drowsiness, torpor, torpidity, ennui, lifelessness, sloth, apathy

    “prolonged periods of lassitude which she ascribed to the heat”
    Lassitude is Something to Ponder About.