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Headhunters – Jo Nesbø

Headhunters by Jo Nesbø The Movie

My previous review of this book/movie is reproduced below. I will also discuss the movie though it is not so new anymore.
Headhunters – the MOVIE
The movie has kept true to the book, although frustratingly two scenes that I felt were important and hilarious were left out. And as such, one has a deeper understanding of the plot than those who haven’t read the book. Isn’t this always the way it goes? Roger Brown was not as strong a character as I imagined, but the Director had to transmit to the audience, in one and half hours, the impotentce he felt being small,  and what a “small ” man metaphorically he turned out to be. Albeit damn clever!! I wished that the movie was longer, and we don’t get to see enough of the beautiful countryside that is Norway. Still, all in all, I think that those unfamiliar with Nesbø will like it. The girlfriend that accompanied me liked it, and Roger did win her over part way through the movie, but she was a bit squeamish about some of the more graphic scenes. Of course, they did not bother me nor would they bother anyone who worked in the medical fields, or watched splatter/horror films… 

What they could have done better: Explained the twists and turns of the plot, which I think would help to build suspense.
What they did well: Perfect portrayal by the Clas Greve actorBOOK REVIEW
Wow… it seems incredible, but each book I have read recently becomes my latest Favourite author/novel. This is a little ridculous, but true. Why is that? 
Well I can make this claim because I have read this book from Jo Nesbø.

Nesbo has departed from the Harry Hole series in this superbly written first person story.Those averse to novels written in the first person will find it hard going, but if you can cope with that, it is an excellent book and if you haven’t read Nesbø before, I can assure you that you will again. 

Offering an insight to the world of economics and business recruitment. (no doubt Nesbø drew upon his former profession as a source for this book), this is not the usual murder mystery but a little bit of a love story, or at least besotted love, part art history/theft story and mostly  psychological thriller, as the reader is manipulated into different directions by the twists and turns of this story. The characters, particularly the protaganist Roger Brown, were utterly believable, and his background and mindset, so carefully woven in to the story. However the crowning glory of this book was the fact that you could never anticipate the ending, no matter what.  

Roger Brown, albeit a man of short stature, (which is the bane of his existence), is the epitome of business success with a perfect track record of recruitment, but has a dark secret that even his stunningly beautiful wife, ( who appears to be equally besotted with him) is unaware. Does she have secrets too? Why  is her heart so sad? Enter another man who intervenes in their lives in a most unexpected but equally manipulative way with deadly consequences.

The police are not present in this story, and this is in contrast to Nesbø’s other Harry Hole’s stories. You are Roger Brown and experience all that he experiences, even the black humour and dire situation he finds himself in when trying to elude his pursuer. This scene, which I won’t detail as it will spoil it, is so completely original and hilarious at the same time and cemented my admiration for this writer. Who else could inject black humour in to the totally serious psychological thriller, but Nesbø?

Becoming a motion picture I hope will add interest to Nesbø’s work, and this work in particular. Released in Oslo 2011.

The good:  Enthralling, riveting, edge of your chair thriller, which CANNOT be put down, and this, always a hackneyed phrase, is more than accurate, in this instance. I had to finish this book in one session. Final plot twist, and all those before it as well.

The bad:   One particular scene, where the protagonist eludes his pursuer in the most unlikely of places.Hilarious, yet bad..

The ugly:  Description of a liaison gone wrong, with a female women who was not Roger’s wife.

This really has to be read…… only wish I could write like this….what a talent….

Some of the died in the wool Nesbø fans did not like this book/movie, though I am confused specifically how. Something I  will ponder about.

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