Weekly Photo Challenge: Joy

Another new week for WordPress’s weekly photo challenge, and the challenge will be to choose which photo depicts JOY the most. Aha! Yes, I know which one I will pick.

Joy in Zermatt

All children love snow, especially if they live in a place that doesn’t have it. Can you see the joy on my daughter’s face, when she arrives here in Zermatt and there is tons of snow?


And then, it snowed some more….

??????????????????????????????? Time to eat some falling snowflakes!!

Joy  Now there is enough snow to slide down the hill on a plastic bag

(a makeshift toboggan)zermatt

“Aha! I’ll make a snowball!” She squeals with joy.  She has only ever seen this in the movies. She even names the snowball: ‘Snowy’ (very original!!)

Snowball Zermatt

Snowy is getting bigger and bigger, and heavier. She wants to keep it and add to it all the way to the Railway station.

Zematt Cog Railway station

Time to say Goodbye to ‘Snowy’, but what joy and what fun she had today.

The delight and joy I saw on my daughter’s face will live in my memory and heart for years to come. Not from an expensive toy but from frozen water, and a borrowed hat. What joy can beat that?

Something to ponder about.

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  4. mithriluna says:

    How wonderful! Such joyful expressions. 🙂


  5. SO cute 🙂
    Your daughter’s smile reminds me of Bindi Irwin for some reason
    Glad you guys got to enjoy some snow


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  8. Beautiful young lady. 😀


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