Smart phones – as dangerous as Poker/slot machines?

Slow Tech by Joe Kraus The effects of Smart phone technology on our future lives.

“The ability of our brains to pay attention to anything will be lost”

The more we multi-task, the worse we get at it!

Average of text messages sent by teenage girls a month: 4000

Changes to our brain. The long term attention, contemplative, thinking part of our brain atrophies or dies, whilst the fast thinking distractible part of our brain is stimulated to grow :
Result: Decline in creativity and insight
Intolerance of, or feeling anxious when bored
Decline in manners or consideration or attention to others

Take a break as smart phones are here to stay and are helpful when the matter is urgent.
1. Taking a walk without your phone, practise meditation, just “be”
2. Have some phone/technology down time ( one day/evening a week) Joe Kraus claims your level of focus will be much better afterwards.

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Something to ponder about.


7 thoughts on “Smart phones – as dangerous as Poker/slot machines?”

  1. Definitely something to ponder about for those who are addicted to their smartphones Amanda. Love the intro Joe added on his video and he is a great speaker as well! He made excellent points there and one thing that dawned on me is the fact that before smartphones most people never really paid attention to each other or even listened when someone is talking. Most people are too involved with themselves and their own thoughts. With smartphones they are getting that attention they were always seeking and now it’s worse for the ones who are not ‘addicted’ to their phones. 😉
    Thanks for the lovely share and have a lovely day hon! *hugs*


    1. I don’t think he is going to convince the younger generation to do without their phones, as they will probably feel like their right arm has been cut off! But awareness is the first step.


      1. LOL! I am very sure of that but it’s like you say about the awareness part. They should mind their manners for sure in the first place. 😀


  2. Fascinating & so important. We look around and most people whether it be on a train, at a restaurant or walking are plugged in or scrolling on a smart phone. They are here to stay but we love your tips on mindfulness of having some “down-time”!


  3. Kraus cites: “Decline in manners or consideration or attention to others”

    This is what worries me most! I used to see this all the time at my son’s college football games. So many spectators weren’t really spectating anything other than their phone screens! So rude to the players and those around them!

    Hopefully people who see themselves in this post exam what Kraus’s words and take a much needed tech break!


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