Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular

Angular Old and NewangularEurope 2011second batch 043Something to Ponder About for this week’s

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18 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Angular”

    1. Spot on, the second photo is Singapore and when I fist posted it on my blog it was part of my regular feature: Monday Mystery photo” and no one was able to guess it was taken in Singapore, but you guessed it straight up, so you must know Singapore well. The first one was taken in Norway.

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  1. Reminds a little of Shanghai. I went there four/three years ago and it was almost frightening, knowing that 20 years ago all that had been rice fields and now it’s maybe the most gigantic metropolis there is.


    1. Trondelag museet, Trondheim, Ann-Christine. Those roofs you posted on your blog are interesting too, particularly the old monastery. I have never before seen a roof with so many angles and roof sections. So beautiful and a tribute to the builders.


        1. Absolutely, couldn’t agree more. Plus the fact that they are made of timber, and beautifully decorated. I have loads of photos of them, too many in fact, but I can’t bear to delete any. I do enjoy looking at them all.


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