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Travel Theme – Colourful

Colour in Sirmione

Ailsa gives us themes each week, and my photographic challenge this week is “colourful.”

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Something to Ponder About





17 thoughts on “Travel Theme – Colourful”

          1. I am going to enjoy Christmas dinner with friends and I am going to look after their two dogs for 3 weeks from January 3. Also called house sitting because I am taking Trompie with me and we are going to be at my friends place those weeks. Wonder how mr T is going to handle it, ha ha.

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            1. Oh that sounds lovely. A nice break for you with plenty of doggie company. I imagine the dogs will sort out the pecking order pretty quickly. Will you still be able to blog during that time?


            2. Yes I am going to take my laptop with me because I also want to catch up with my writing. I have done a lot of Friday It’s Easy Writing on scraps of paper, and have to put it into(?) my computer so I can print it later
              I’ve done a 20 page book of my childhood memories, with photos in it also, this year.


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