WPC – Scale

The insignificance of man in the SCALE of things….

and our insignificance against animal and nature

The earth is so vast, yet sometimes feels so small.

It depends on the measurements on our scale.

Something to Ponder About


47 thoughts on “WPC – Scale”

    1. Thank you Yvette. I also laugh a little when I see that photo. It was my daughter taken at Underwater World, many years ago. The kids were on a school camp where they got to sleep in the tunnel under the aquarium that held all the sharks! I went along as well. I did not get much sleep that night!

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      1. I have just googled Trollstigen; it is a stunning area, and I think your capture is such a magical take on the place! I have never been to Norway and it looks like such a fabulous place!

        I have been tinkering with stories all my life, but am now in the process of trying to write one down. My protagonist, a boy & his miniature dragon, has just scaled a mountain based on your photograph.

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        1. Oh that sounds wonderful! A fantasy story at Trollstigen! It is a very magical place, especially with all that cloud. Have you posted it on your blog? I should like to read it. It would be wonderful if you took a trip to Norway some time. It is expensive, but well worth it. I am a bit of a fan, and I have been lucky to visit many times!

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          1. It certainly does look like a magical place. I should like to visit Norway in the future; you are very fortunate to have gone several times!

            I haven’t planned on posting the story on the blog. Am hoping to publish a book at the end of it; that’s the plan, anyways! So, thank you again for inspiring this week’s writing!

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            1. It is an absolutle pleasure. There are a few bloggers on my roll who are writers, and some publish short stories here on wordpress to get their name out there, prior to publishing their book.

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            2. I can sympathise with that. I once had an idea for a novel… I lost my way after the first 10,000 words. Maybe I’ll revisit it one day, and perhaps you’ll revisit yours, too? There’s always tomorrow (until, naturally, there’s not.)

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  1. This is true! One should recall the importance of humanity every day. We need the earth and the animals. They do not need us. I love the shark picture because I´m fascinated from underwaterworld!

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    1. I absolutely agree with you, Andrea. The was a mackerel sky at night, recently, with a full moon shining through the spotted clouds, and looking up at it, it was as if I could see the atmosphere in a dome over the earth. Amazing! At the same time, I felt very small and transient!

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    1. Thanks, A-C, That is my girl, but some years back, now during a school trip, to Underwater world. I hardly got a wink of sleep that night as 30 kids slept on the floor in a tunnel underneath the aquarium shark tank.


          1. Haha, that’s the way it is. All teachers used to sleep on the floor as well – in a separate room. I remember my snoring collegue and all those sleepless nights.

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            1. I guess these actitivies are fun and memorable for kids, but the adults aren’t quite so fond of them. I sympathized with the teachers who had to go on school camps. I only ever did the Tunnel sleepover at Underwater world as a a parent helper. That was enough for me!! I wouldn’t last a week in tents on Moreton Island beach with 120, 11 year olds!!!

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      1. I don’t know, Amanda. I probably won’t return anytime soon, but sometime in distant future it would be great to go back and relive memories. Svalbard did show me that cold/Arctic places can be so breathtakingly beautiful too, but I do enjoy warmer climates more as I can do more activities in the water etc. 🙂

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  2. poor leya…sleepless nights are horrible…so I´m really lucky, when I sleep, I sleep deep, snoring collegue would not be a problem….

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